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AngularJS: Kendo Clear all NumericText boxes of 0 when clicked/tapped

In AngularJS I have an unknown number of NumericTextBoxes (they are made in an ng-repeat): <input kendo-numeric-text-box k-format=”‘c2′” class=”form-control” k-min=”0″ k-max=”10000000″ k-ng-model=”fund.Amount”/> When a user clicks any text box, if the value is $0 then the field should clear. My users are complaining that they have to manually remove the 0 each time they tap a Kendo NumericTextBox. I tried this but it fails: $(function() { $(‘[data-role=”numerictextbox”]’).each(function(){ var textbox = $(this); textbox.value(null); }); }); Source: […]

AngularJS Kendo UI Multiselect insert items into search result

Is it possible to insert item into search result, for example, I can search something like bbb and it gives me all items that contains this string. What I also want is to insert my own item into this search result, Select All for example. Here’s the code I got so far: this.selectItems = { placeholder: “Select items…”, autoClose: false, autoBind: false, dataTextField: “name”, dataValueField: “id”, filter: “contains”, dataSource: this.items }; Source: AngularJS

Custom buttons on Kendo tree view Angularjs

I’m trying to add multiple buttons inside Kendo treeview node. I have used template to add multiple buttons but failed to achieve their features as the whole node is working a link. Please find below the HTML and JS HTML <div kendo-tree-view=”tree” k-data-source=”treeData” class=”hasMenu” k-on-change=”selectedItem = dataItem”> <span k-template> {{dataItem.text}} <i class=”fa fa-plus” aria-hidden=”true”></i> <i class=”fa fa-trash” aria-hidden=”true”></i> </span> </div> JS $scope.treeData = new { data: [ { text: “My Product”, items: [ { […]

Kendo UI grid ‘change’ event doesn’t work

I have a kendo window and in the window, I have a kendo grid as a tab under the tab strip. I have the inline edit functionality in the grid. When I edit the grid and save, the change event gets fired and can get the dirty rows. It all works good. But when I switch to another tab and come back to the tab having the grid and do the inline edit, I can’t […]

Kendo UI in Angular JS kendoWidgetCreated not Working

I run into a problem on Kendo UI 2017 in Angular JS. I found an running example of my requirment but for Kendo UI 2014. The reason it is not working in an Angular Directive is that the “kendoWidgetCreated” is not fired. Not sure what the reason is, hope somebody can help me. The goal is to disable the editing of content in rich textbox. This is a working solution but for 2014 version of […]

Dropdown Treeview with search

I want to show a tree view in a drop-down that user can search in a tree. also, I use angular 1.x in the project. How can I do that? I saw some controls like or but they don’t have search and data-source are not compatible with mine. I want something like this: DropDown Tree View Does anyone know another library? Source: AngularJS

How to put alert before check-uncheck a kendo checkbox

So if a user wants to check a checkbox, it will prompt a dialog if he/she have rights to tick-untick. So when he don’t have rights, the state will stay the same. I am using angularjs with kendo treeview. $scope.options = { checkboxes: { checkChildren: true, }, loadOnDemand: false, check: onCheck, dataSource: $scope.treeData, template: ‘{{ dataItem.text}}’, schema: { model: { children: “List” } } function onCheck(e) { var currentItem = e.sender.dataItem(e.node); console.log(currentItem.rights); //if currentItem.rights= ‘0001’ […]

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