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How bind current date on Kendo Angular date picker

Hi I am trying to use kendo date picker for angular. Everything works fine but on page load I want to bind current date like 4 August 2021 to display automatically. I tried different ways to do that but nothing works . Here is my markup for the date picker, <kendo-datepicker id="fromDate" [(ngModel)]="fromDate" class="m-2 col-md-12 […]

By Maharoz Alam Mugdho
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Why will my Kendo chart for angular render mock data but not real data?

I’m trying to render a graph with Kendo Charts for Angular, and it is not working. First, I tried it with mock data and it worked: Here is my code: <kendo-chart> <kendo-chart-series> <kendo-chart-title text="Large Data"></kendo-chart-title> <kendo-chart-series-item type="scatterLine" [style]="’smooth’" [data]="largeData" yField="value" xField="date" > </kendo-chart-series-item> </kendo-chart-series> <kendo-chart-x-axis> <kendo-chart-x-axis-item [labels]="{ format: ‘MMM d, yy – hh:mm:ss a’, rotation: […]

By gib65
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Clear Angular DropDownList array on close event

I have a kendo-dropdownlist element in Angular like so: <kendo-dropdownlist [filterable]="true" [data]="simpleData" [textField]="’name’" [valueField]="’id’" [(ngModel)]="myData.selected" (filterChange)="filterData($event)" required> </kendo-dropdownlist> I want to achieve: Everytime user types, I filter the simpleData on server, if he selects a value from the list, all good; If he doesn’t select a value, I want my simpleData array to reset. I […]

By Catalin Sasu
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What kinds of charts are available from Kendo UI for Angular that plot date/time values along the y-axis?

I’m working with Kendo UI charts for Angular. I’m wondering if there is a chart type that plots values along a time axis. Something like this: The only types of charts I’ve found that come close to this are the series chart and the range area chart. The problem with these is that it plots […]

Angular Material Date picker issue inside kendo column filter

I have a template for a kendo grid column filter where I use a material datepicker to select a date. The issue that is happening when the kendo grid is located inside a material Dialog. Issue As you can see on the image, the mat datepicker is appearing behind the filter. That happens because the […]

Kendo Angular Tooltip Shadow

I am using Angular and the Kendo control suite. In particular I’m wondering about tooltip styling. I have successfully styled the tooltip how I want it with one minor exception that I can’t figure out. There seems to be a shadow on the tooltip but it’s around the entire extents including the little triangle callout […]

By sfaust
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KendoUI kendoGridSelectAllCheckbox disable a certain row/checkbox

I have a Kendo grid in an Angular app with a checkbox column as below. <kendo-grid [data]="gridView" [pageSize]="state.take" [skip]="state.skip" [pageable]="{ buttonCount: 5, info: ‘true’, type: ‘numeric’, pageSizes: pageSizes, previousNext: previousNext }" [scrollable]="’none’" (pageChange)="pageChange($event)" [sortable]="{ allowUnsort: ‘true’, mode: ‘multiple’ }" [sort]="state.sort" (sortChange)="sortChange($event)" width="100%" [filter]="state.filter" [filterable]="false" (dataStateChange)="dataStateChange($event)" [selectable]="{ checkboxOnly: true, mode: ‘multiple’ }" [kendoGridSelectBy]="’Id’" [selectedKeys]="selectedIds" (selectedKeysChange)="onSelectedKeysChange($event)" > […]

By lock42
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How to reload data after a post

I want to refresh my list after adding new item to it. This is the component.ts : addNew(action) { if (action == ‘add’) { this.repairerService .createNewRepairer(this.repairer) .subscribe((x) =>this.getRepairers()); } } getRepairers() { this.repairerService.getActiveRepairers().subscribe(data => { data.forEach(element => { var avatarElement = new ItemRepairerModel(); = avatarElement.avatar = = = […]

By Hiba
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can’t bind to ‘sticky’ since it isn’t a known property of ‘kendo-grid-column’

in kendo grid – angular version <kendo-grid-column [field]="col.field" [width]="col.width" [headerClass]="col.field === ‘active’ ? ‘text-left’ : ”" [sortable]="(col.field === ‘category’ || col.field === ‘delete’) ? false : true" [sticky]="(col.field === ‘active’) ? true : false"> > im trying to implement the sticky option, based on the below link descriptions getting that issue Source: Angular […]

By Shaik Habeeb
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How to set Angular Kendo grid button text on center?

Currently I am using grid view of Kendo UI for angular. Here I have some button on grid but the problem is the text of the button is not in center, however I have applied some styles like (text-align:center) but nothing works. Here is my button template <kendo-grid-command-column title="SPO Item Count" width="120"> <ng-template kendoGridCellTemplate let-dataItem> […]

By Maharoz Alam Mugdho
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