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Kendo Popup undefined anchor

I am having some issues implementing the click away functionality of Kendo UIs popup as described here: My code flow is that the [anchor] that is used for the actual filter popup is defined in the container. Nontheless, I am sure that is not part of the issue. My component file (relevant parts): @ViewChild("anchor", […]

By SomeStudent
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How to add pre-populated Data to kendo-UI components (multi-select, text, etc)?

I want to pre-populate some input fields in a kendo_UI form. I am using Angular JS. The following is one input field in the form for a multi-select: <form novalidate name="compSearch" kendo-validator="vm.validator" ng-submit="vm.searchSailings($event)" k-rules="vm.validatorRules"> <div class="row"> <div class="col-md-2"> Ship: <select class="shipName" kendo-multi-select k-option-autobind="false" k-data-text-field="’shipCode’" k-data-value-field="’shipCode’" k-data-source="vm.shipData" ng-model="vm.ship" k-filter="’contains’"> </select> </div> I have tried following these […]

By noelbar96
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Need help on Kendo UI

I am new to Angular having kendo UI. I am facing weird issue while trying to display pre-populated values in multi-select dropdown. countryData is having list of countries like IN, US, EU, NZ. Per requirement I need to show IN, EU as presented on UI. Below is the Select component used in HTML file. <select […]

By Sushant Agrawal
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kendo-chart-tooltip generating script error Uncaught TypeError: background.isDark is not a function

enter image description hereI have created a kendo chart with a kendo-chart-tooltip. Platform Angular 5 However the kendo-chart-tooltip is not working and generating a script error in the console. zone.js:192 Uncaught TypeError: background.isDark is not a function at (base-tooltip.js:51) at (tooltip.js:24) at Chart._displayTooltip (chart.js:1085) at Chart._startHover (chart.js:1061) at Chart._mouseover (chart.js:1231) at Surface.trigger (observable.js:94) […]

Kendo UI for Angular – theme styling

Is it possible to reload page color content when user selects another color from dropdown? I’m using Kendo UI for Angular. I have read Kendo’s documentation and they suggest to do it at buildtime And my case would be: User selects color on dropdown User saves selected color to database Reload Kendo components to […]

By blackRose
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How to add Nebular Theme to Kendo UI Grid?

I am using Nebular Bootstrap’s themes and have added a Kendo UI grid to it. What I want is to use Nebular’s theme color variables on the kendo grid. I tried adding the following to the component.scss file but it only works for k-grid @import ‘[email protected]/theme/styles/theming’; @import ‘[email protected]/theme/styles/themes’; @include nb-install-component() { .k-grid { background-color: nb-theme(background-basic-color-1) […]

By Wala Al Ramadhani
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Infinite Scroll with Kendo combo box

How can we implement infinite scroll with kendo combo box since kendo doesnt have scroll event listener? Source: Angular Questions

By Jay
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Kendo UI Datetimepicker

I am using kendo UI datetimepicker and while clicking on the calendar icon, I am getting the following error:- this. IntlService.weekendRange is not a function at MonthViewService.push../node_modules/@progress/kendo-angular-dateinputs/dist/fesm5/index.js.MonthViewService.isWeekend Source: Angular Questions

By Brij Raj Shukla
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Kendo UI kendo-chart-series-item shows sometimes dots instead of line in Angular

I am using Angular 12 with Kendo UI. In kendo-chart-series-item I have set a type as a line. Sometimes, I am getting dots instead of lines. Also, in kendo-chart-series-item sometimes, I am getting them connected to each other. It is not happening on every refresh. Please, compare a normal view with a wrong view Source: […]

implement virtual on combobox column does not bind last column in KendoUI angular

I am new to Kendo UI because of client requirement. I have faced problem during data binding multi column combobox at first place, the combobox loads very slow so I applied virtual property to combobox then it does not bind the last column with data. here is my ts code exportclass CreateEsubsidyComponent extends BaseComponent implements […]

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