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How can I display local array on Kendo Calendar in angularjs

I am using a local array in calendar controller file in my project. I want the name of the event to come from the local array instead of http url like normally. Following is the what I am coding right now and it is not working. In kendo’s data source function in my controller, I have: dataSource: { sync: function () {;}, batch: true, transport: { read: function (options) { var data=[] data[0] = […]

Kendo treeview on hover

I am working on Kendo treeview using angular and typescript.Is there any event for onHover in kendo treeview. I want to take the selected element using on hover event. <div kendo-tree-view k-data-source=”treeData” k-data-text-field=”[‘directiveItem.elementId’]” k-expand=”expandtree” k-change=”changetree” k-drag-and-drop=”true k-drop=”onDrop” ng-click=”ctrlOpen($event)”> </div> Source: AngularJS

combining grid values in js while using kendo ui

I am new to kendo ui. I am trying to combine the values of both the fields playerId and playerName I need to combine both the template values. can you guys tell me how to do it.. -providing my code below. I tried by doing like this but not working “that.jumping.ImageType(model);”+”#= playerName.substring(playerName.lastIndexOf(‘/’)+1) #” { field: “playerId”, width: 25, title: ” “, sortable: false, template: function name(model) { return that.jumping.ImageType(model); }, editor: function(container, model) { } […]