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kendo ui grid sortable editable will lose edit if cells in other rows are clicked, using angularjs

how to kendo ui grid sortable editable will lose edit if cells in other rows are clicked, using angularjs I am using kendo grid and angularjs to make a table, I wanted the rows be sortable and the cells (particularly the first column) be editable. It all worked out except if I click cells in another row after editing a cell, the change is lost. I can press the tab key or the enter key […]

Change event fired twice for kendo ui Combobox

I noticed some weird behavior in all comboboxes in my application and after some time I noticed that the Kendo UI ComboBoxes are making or firing the change event two times and so they make two http requests if the code inside has one I searched alot but found nothing to help I use comboboxes with angularjs k-options (for general options) and k-on-change attribute for the change event handler I tried to implement the combo […]

kendo ui AngularJS Grid CRUD operations

I am trying to implement the popup editor for kendo ui grid with angularjs. Edit of my record works just fine but Adding a new record seems to be sending data-value-field as [object Object]. I just can’t seem to figure that out. Here is my data source in controller: $scope.tempDataSource = ‘[{“value”: 7,”text”: “fdsdd – dsfdsfdsf”},{“value”: 6,”text”: “sads – sadsa”},{“value”: 5,”text”: “dsf – dsfdsf”},{“value”: 2,”text”: “dsf – sdfdsfds”}]’; and here is my dropdown list: <input […]

How to alert a selected text inside kendo editor

How to alert a selected text inside kendo editor? I tried below code <textarea id=”editor”></textarea> <script> $(“#editor”).kendoEditor(); var editor = $(“#editor”).data(“kendoEditor”); var html = editor.getSelection(); </script> But it gives me error: Cannot use ‘in’ operator to search for ‘getSelection’ in undefined` Then my textarea is <textarea id=”editor” kendo-editor k-ng-model=”html”></textarea> <script> var textarea = $(“#editor”); textarea.kendoEditor({ value: “Hello, how are you doing !” }); var editor =“kendoEditor”); $(‘#buttonB’).click(function () { alert(textarea); alert(editor.getSelection()); }); </script> Source: […]

Why doesn’t the date picker load in my Kendo app?

I’m following along the example of how to use the DatePicker widget but it doesn’t seem to load correctly on my app. I’m currently doing: <div class=”form-group row”> <label for=”start_date” class=”col-sm-3 col-form-label”>Start Date</label> <div class=”col-sm-9″> <input kendo-date-picker /> </div> </div> Unfortunately, this doesn’t correctly create the widget and only creates a text input box. Does anyone know why this problem could be happening? I would appreciate any insight! Source: AngularJS

validation sync issue between grid and form on kendo ui Using this link, I operate an input validation on the ProductName field on both the form and grid. While the inputs on the form and grid are synchronized on any input that doesn’t “wrongInput” , when i insert the value “wrongInput” , which the validation returns false on it , the values are not synchronized. For example: if I enter the value “val” , on grid , it changes also on the form. but […]

kendo-drop-down-list returns incorrect value, but the text is correct

I use a ‘kendo-drop-down-list’ on my AngularJS application. If a different item is not selected after clicking on the dropdown, (Which means if I click on the same item or click outside of the control) it always returns ‘1’ as the value, but the text remains same. This has a become an interesting puzzle for me after struggling several hours on this and still couldn’t understand the root cause behind this. <div class=”general-input-wrapper inline-arrangement”> <label […]

Kendo Grid Inline Edit with Drop Down option disabled

I have a Kendo Grid with inline edit options. I have a dropdown from which user have to select values. I want to disable certain items from the dropdown dynamically. I have to dynamically enable and disable options from dropdown so I store disabled objects in a separate array than source. Here is an example. columns: [{ field: “xxxx”, title: “xxxx”, template: function (dt) { return dt.xxxx; }, editor: function (container, options) { $(‘<input name=”‘ […]

unable to have different ng-model for Kendo date picker inside kendo grid

There is a kendo grid and have one of the columns that have a template that displays Kendo date picker and this grid has multiple rows.I have to let the user select different dates for each of the rows. While doing so, when the date is selected in one row, the same date is reflecting in other rows. Issue: How to have unique Ng-model for each kendo-date-picker in each row so that user can select […]

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