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kendo-drop-down-list returns incorrect value, but the text is correct

I use a ‘kendo-drop-down-list’ on my AngularJS application. If a different item is not selected after clicking on the dropdown, (Which means if I click on the same item or click outside of the control) it always returns ‘1’ as the value, but the text remains same. This has a become an interesting puzzle for me after struggling several hours on this and still couldn’t understand the root cause behind this. <div class=”general-input-wrapper inline-arrangement”> <label […]

Kendo Grid Inline Edit with Drop Down option disabled

I have a Kendo Grid with inline edit options. I have a dropdown from which user have to select values. I want to disable certain items from the dropdown dynamically. I have to dynamically enable and disable options from dropdown so I store disabled objects in a separate array than source. Here is an example. columns: [{ field: “xxxx”, title: “xxxx”, template: function (dt) { return dt.xxxx; }, editor: function (container, options) { $(‘<input name=”‘ […]

unable to have different ng-model for Kendo date picker inside kendo grid

There is a kendo grid and have one of the columns that have a template that displays Kendo date picker and this grid has multiple rows.I have to let the user select different dates for each of the rows. While doing so, when the date is selected in one row, the same date is reflecting in other rows. Issue: How to have unique Ng-model for each kendo-date-picker in each row so that user can select […]

Uncaught SyntaxError: Invalid or unexpected token due to span tag in return statement [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: Creating multiline strings in JavaScript 33 answers When I click open first window link a popup opens. in that popup you will see a grid with two columns. in that first column i need to combine name and and icon. so i added span tag before a tag but its not working. can you guys tell me how to combine. providing code below. Uncaught SyntaxError: Invalid or unexpected […]

How can I display local array on Kendo Calendar in angularjs

I am using a local array in calendar controller file in my project. I want the name of the event to come from the local array instead of http url like normally. Following is the what I am coding right now and it is not working. In kendo’s data source function in my controller, I have: dataSource: { sync: function () {;}, batch: true, transport: { read: function (options) { var data=[] data[0] = […]

Kendo treeview on hover

I am working on Kendo treeview using angular and typescript.Is there any event for onHover in kendo treeview. I want to take the selected element using on hover event. <div kendo-tree-view k-data-source=”treeData” k-data-text-field=”[‘directiveItem.elementId’]” k-expand=”expandtree” k-change=”changetree” k-drag-and-drop=”true k-drop=”onDrop” ng-click=”ctrlOpen($event)”> </div> Source: AngularJS

combining grid values in js while using kendo ui

I am new to kendo ui. I am trying to combine the values of both the fields playerId and playerName I need to combine both the template values. can you guys tell me how to do it.. -providing my code below. I tried by doing like this but not working “that.jumping.ImageType(model);”+”#= playerName.substring(playerName.lastIndexOf(‘/’)+1) #” { field: “playerId”, width: 25, title: ” “, sortable: false, template: function name(model) { return that.jumping.ImageType(model); }, editor: function(container, model) { } […]