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Category: kendo-treeview

Dropdown Treeview with search

I want to show a tree view in a drop-down that user can search in a tree. also, I use angular 1.x in the project. How can I do that? I saw some controls like or but they don’t have search and data-source are not compatible with mine. I want something like this: DropDown Tree View Does anyone know another library? Source: AngularJS

Kendo treeview on hover

I am working on Kendo treeview using angular and typescript.Is there any event for onHover in kendo treeview. I want to take the selected element using on hover event. <div kendo-tree-view k-data-source=”treeData” k-data-text-field=”[‘directiveItem.elementId’]” k-expand=”expandtree” k-change=”changetree” k-drag-and-drop=”true k-drop=”onDrop” ng-click=”ctrlOpen($event)”> </div> Source: AngularJS