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problems while doing unit testing with controller in angularjs

All the karma configuration are right and it runs fine with other controller files.But it could not run this controller file. I will be thankful if you guys find any solutions for this. 🙂 the screenshot of the source code, testing, and commond prompt are as follows 1. controller file 2. jasmine unit testing file 3. after running karma, error displays command prompt Source: AngularJS

Jasmine TypeScript unit test fails if types in methods being tested are not fully qualified

So I have successfully got unit testing working with my angularjs app using Jasmine and Karma. However, I’ve just hit an annoying issue I can’t figure out. So I have a controller with a very simple method like this (this is a random example so don’t worry if it seems weird): public ExecuteUserCreatedCommand( id: number, userId: string) { const command = new Commands.UserCreated(); command.Id = id; command.userId = userId; return this.CommandService.UserCreated(command); } Note that the […]

Unable to run angular4 test cases

I am getting an error (p.s. attached screenshot) when I run ng test in my angular4 app. I have not changed anything as such this just added some test specs in app.component.spec.ts My karma.config.js file has following code module.exports = function (config) { config.set({ basePath: ”, frameworks: [‘jasmine’, ‘angular-cli’], plugins: [ require(‘karma-jasmine’), require(‘karma-chrome-launcher’), require(‘karma-remap-istanbul’), require(‘angular-cli/plugins/karma’) ], files: [ { pattern: ‘./src/test.ts’, watched: false } ], preprocessors: { ‘./src/test.ts’: [‘angular-cli’] }, mime: { ‘text/x-typescript’: [‘ts’,’tsx’] }, […]

Karma unit test failing TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating ‘that.options.length’)

I have an AngularJS application that I’m trying my hand at unit tests, although I’m stuck at my first hurdle. I keep getting the following error TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating ‘that.options.length’) when running the below controller and unit test. I dont see where the undefined is and any help would be appreciated. controller function dropdownController() { const that = this; let selected = ”; that.$onInit = () => { if (that.options.length) { […]

Cannot call beforeEach ‘inject’ on angularJS (FUSE Admin) unit testing using karma

I used FUSE Admin app on my project – I already checked other samples and even run this code on a different project and works just fine. IT’s just that I cannot inject the service, controller etc. on ‘beforeEach inject’, thus I cannot cont. my test. I don’t know what’s wrong or did I miss something (dependencies? not sure) while running this on FUSE. Do you have any idea? Here’s my code. SERVICE (the […]