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Securing REST + AngularJS with JWT or OAuthv2

I’m pretty new to REST security and am trying to build an AngularJS (Angular 1) app that integrates against a RESTful web service as its backend. This web service will be how the app (frontend) fetches and writes all data. The app will initially be the REST service’s only client, but eventually I’d like to open the service up as an exposed public API, not only used/consumed by my Angular app. I’m trying to figure […]

How to specify response headers to CORS?

I am building a backend REST API in spring and my friend is building a Angular JS front end app to call my API.I have a token header with key Authorization and a value which gives access to the service otherwise it refuses.From Postman and REST client I am able to receive the API but when tested he says he gets 401 Unauthorized Error on preflight.Below is my doFilterInternal method. protected void doFilterInternal(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse […]

Wait for authentication response from server before executing any Angularjs app

I have an AngularJS app (bootstrapped using ng-admin) contained within an admin backend where initial login to it is handled via LDAP. When the Angular app loads for the first time, it needs to make an API call (using Restangular) to the server to fetch a token plus derive a separate API url to use. Once the token is returned, it’s stored in localStorage and then passed to all subsequent API calls. Because I’m not […]

Is it bad security to save jwt in cookie to pass it to local storage?

In order to get my twitter sign in to work with jwt sessions and angularjs, I have created a jwt with twitter username and display name, passed it as a cookie and saved it to local storage. Here’s some relevant code: Log in users and save cookie: app.get(‘/login/twitter’, passport.authenticate(‘twitter’)); app.get(‘/login/twitter/callback’, function(req, res) { passport.authenticate(‘twitter’ , {session: false} , function(err, user, info) { if(err) { console.log(err); } var token; token = user.generateTwitterJwt(); // res.status(200); // res.json({ […]

Cors configuration not working spring boot + angular [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: Response header is present in browser but not parsed by Angular $http response.headers() 2 answers i’m trying to get authentication token from header “autherntication” using angular, but when i use “console.log(response.headers()); i got only 1) cache-control 2) expires 3) pragma in dev tools there are all headers, i tried a log of filters but nothing working 🙁 , thanks for any help ! Fragment of Web configuration @Override […]