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AngularJS watchers still firing after element removed with jQuery?

I have a spreadsheet-like table setup built with table elements that have use angular to enable editing, including a row select/delete function. This is the html that enables a row to be highlighted if its “selected”: <tr row-id=”0″ ng-class=”selectedClass(5)” class=”ng-scope budget-row”> <td> <label id=”foo” ng-hide=”some_function(5)”>{{row(5).value}}</label> <input type=”text” ng-hide=”!some_function(5)”> </td> <td>…</td> </tr> The ng-class=”selectedClass(5)” is used to apply a background color to the row when selected. Once a row is selected, it can be “cut”. The […]

WARNING: Tried to load angular more than once. (Index files are loading more than once)

Questions similar to the current one that have already been answered are below. WARNING: Tried to load angular more than once. Angular JS Tried to Load Angular More Than Once Index files load more than once Tried to load angular more than once in Angular js WARNING: Tried to load angular more than once. ui-router AngularJS routing "WARNING: Tried to load angular more than once" loop But, I’m not able to figure the mistake in […]

Hiding div on change of checkbox selection

Hi I am trying to use angular as well as jquery at the same time on the check box control. I have two checkboxes. Selecting one checkbox shows the respective div as each check box is associated with a div. Also only one checkbox can be selected at a time using my jquery function. The problem is when I select check box 1 it shows the div1 and when I select checkbox 2 although checkbox […]

electron will not load ssrs report

I added a link inside my html page in my Electron app that opens a SSRS report. When I click the link, it tries to navigate but nothing renders. I clicked the developer tools and I am getting jquery errors. jQuery Error I’ve included jQuery in my dependency file as well as declared it in my reporting.js — const {sql,$} = require(‘../dependencies’); Im using webviews within Electron.. Has anyone else tried or had this error […]

printThis.js not picking correct table input values

I’m using printThis.js to print a table in an angularJs application. Everything prints fine save for a column on the table that has inputs dynamically filled by angular (the entire table is populated by angular anyway). This is a screenshot of the column before print with the intended values: And this is a screenshot of the same table and column when I print: As you can see, it takes one value and repeats it across […]

AngularJS: Kendo Clear all NumericText boxes of 0 when clicked/tapped

In AngularJS I have an unknown number of NumericTextBoxes (they are made in an ng-repeat): <input kendo-numeric-text-box k-format=”‘c2′” class=”form-control” k-min=”0″ k-max=”10000000″ k-ng-model=”fund.Amount”/> When a user clicks any text box, if the value is $0 then the field should clear. My users are complaining that they have to manually remove the 0 each time they tap a Kendo NumericTextBox. I tried this but it fails: $(function() { $(‘[data-role=”numerictextbox”]’).each(function(){ var textbox = $(this); textbox.value(null); }); }); Source: […]

Getting Apache PHP responses parallelly for AJAX requests [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: Why cannot Apache handle multiple requests at the same time? 7 answers My AJAX request takes about 7 seconds to complete. For a page I have many such requests. The server responses almost sequentially for each request. For 10 requests I am getting the response of the last one after 1 minute. Is there a way to get the responses independently? I tried simply $http.get as well as […]

Angularjs toggle mobile nav menu not closing

I’m working on a simple SPA and using html template. Template have a mobile navigation but when i am using routes with angularjs, mobile nav not closing. So, how can i hide nav after click. Here is the Jquery codes. Note: Navigation have a children menu. $(‘.nav-menu’).superfish({ animation: { opacity: ‘show’ }, speed: 400 }); // Mobile Navigation if ($(‘#nav-menu-container’).length) { var $mobile_nav = $(‘#nav-menu-container’).clone().prop({ id: ‘mobile-nav’ }); $mobile_nav.find(‘> ul’).attr({ ‘class’: ”, ‘id’: ” }); […]

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