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Waypoint is not a function error in Angularjs 5. Is there waypoint version conflict or Need follow any steps for angularjs,

Waypoint has been installed through npm install waypoint and I have added point #1 in angular-cli.json and in my compontent.ts i have added point #2. After this process i am getting two errors as mentioned in point #3. I new to angular world. What is right way to use waypoint for section navigation. “scripts”: [“../node_modules/waypoints/lib/jquery.waypoints.min.js”], $(‘.js–section-features’).waypoint(function(direction) { if (direction == “down”) { $(‘nav’).addClass(‘sticky’); } else { $(‘nav’).removeClass(‘sticky’); } }, { offset: ’60px;’ }); a) Uncaught […]

Add jquery-ui to angular 1.5 proyect

I am trying to make my modal bootstrap movable, and I see in the examples that I have to do it with jquery ui // Example: I have a 1.5 angular app with jquery. // executed bower install jquery-ui // add in index.html ( afther jquery.min.js ) <script src=”assets/js/jquery.min.js”></script> <script src=”bower_components/jquery-ui/jquery-ui.min.js”></script> // add in index.html <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”bower_components/jquery-ui/themes/smoothness/jquery-ui.min.css”> // I execute the code so that my modal is draggable: $(“#myModal”).draggable({ handle: “.modal-header” }); // […]

AngularJs with Jquery-ui Datepicker creates multiple DOM elements for and editable table

I have a jquery-ui datepicker in a directive that gets included in an editable table column. Everything works great but the problem is I have 3 date columns and up to 100 rows of data. This results is 300 xdsoft elements being written to the bottom of the DOM which takes a long time to load. Is there anyway to build the jquery ui datepicker on demand (on focus) instead of pre-loading all 300 instances? […]

Bind selected value to Multi Select ListboxFor control using AngularJS

I’m facing issues in below scenario, Can any one please guide me. Scenario: Get the comma separated Ids from DB which already user entered and split the values then bind values into Multi Select List box control in edit mode. I tried the following piece of code to achieve it, but its not working for me. @Html.ListBoxFor(c => c.ClientDemographicHospitalId, new MultiSelectList(Model.Hospitals, “Value”, “Text”), new { ng_model = “hospitalDropdownList”, @class = “HospitalListbox”, style = “width:65%” }) […]

how to set regional Option in date picker using angularJS with jquery UI?

I need to set spanish language weeks and months in date picker. I tried like below code but unable to get those regional option in date picker.In this I am using dynamic component fields.when at the starting fiels shows today date next field shows based on first field selected date.So in this dynamic date in date picker.This function working fine but I need in dynamic language. Eg : app.directive(‘myDirective’, function(){ return { restrict: ‘A’, require: […]

Jquery Ui selectable issue in angularjs

I have angularjs project.I have used jquery-ui selectable to select cell from table.If i used table with 10 rows and 10 cols selectable is working fine. but when Create table with 50rows and 50 cols it will create to much lagging and browser goes hang. var table = angular.element(‘<table id=”my-table-1’ + ‘” data-table-row- count=”10″ data-table-column-count=”10″ data-table-layout=”default” selectable selectable-options=”‘ + “{filter:’td:not(.hide-after-merge)’,distance:10}” + ‘”><tr><td></td></tr></table>’); $compile(table[0])($scope); document.getElementById(‘my-container’).appendChild(table[0]); //insert var html = “”; for (var i = 0; i […]

GridPanel Columns names changing automatically

I am trying to add a GridPanle into a window. For this i have created a model, store and then created a panel and then adding this panel into window. Facing issue with Panel column Headers. The below is the code i am using. function(orderModel, ex112ServiceResponse) { var tablePopup = null; var gridPanel = null; var gridData = []; var gridStore = null; // Creation of data model Ext.define(‘StudentDataModel’, { extend: ‘’, fields: [{ name: […]

How to change the scope object using Jquery UI sortable and angular.js?

I’m using Jquery UI sortable to reorder the table rows. The re-order is working as expected, but I need the re-order should change angular scope data too. Basically I need to save reordered data to backend.I’m not sure whether I should use $watch or something else to get it done. Plunker. <body ng-app=”App” ng-controller=”Ctr”> <table class=”table table-stripped”> <tbody ng-sortable> <tr ng-repeat=”data in rowData”> <td>{{data.seq}}</td> <td>{{}}</td> </tr> </tbody> </table> <br> <br> <button class=”btn btn-primary” ng-click=”getReOrderedData(rowData)”>Get Re-order […]

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