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Rewrite old urls to JHipster web app

We have a old website which has urls in the format http://website/#!pagedetails;id=Blah1 We have developed a new site using JHipster5 which has the following urls http://website/#/(page:id/Blah1) We want old urls to still work as they are externally referenced so I was looking at options to handle this in the new JHipster5 app. I have added a class which implements Filter, extends AbstractFilterRegistrationBean and a few other filter classes but I can never seen to intercept […]

JHipster app.js not generated

I’m using JHipster with AngularJS for the front-end, and everything works fine in dev; but when I switch to prod, the app.js file is not generated. I have followed this solution: JHipster gulp build not generating app.js for production, and I’m getting the following error: error page Source: AngularJS

Getting a user by id in JHipster

I have an issue with this. Some of the entities I created have a relationship with the User table. As such, they contain a field called userId. On the page on which I’m detailing them, I’d wish to show the User’s username, not his ID(for example a review page, it would look better if it said “post by ragnarthered” rather than “post by 337). As you know, generating a JHipster app comes with a function […]

Path customization for a File Uploader

I’m using Fineuploader in an html page (with AngularJS) from an application based on JHipster. When I put a file inside my dropzone, it send it to a folder using a path which is predefined in the code. I would like to be able modifiy this path by using information contained in a form BEFORE making the uploading. My idea was to submit this path in a form and then update the path variable before […]

JHipster, AngularJS- After login, based on user authority how to take user to different pages

new to both AngularJS & JHipster and appreciate any help. I currently have two user authorities, ROLE_ADMIN, and ROLE_USER. After logging in I would like to be able to direct the user to different pages (that they have access to). I believe I have been able to narrow down the issue to my sign in controller: function login (event) { event.preventDefault(); Auth.login({ email:, password: vm.password, rememberMe: vm.rememberMe }).then(function () { vm.authenticationError = false; $state.go(‘home’, […]

Error running a angular application. – AuthServiceProvider

how to Error running a angular application. – AuthServiceProvider I have an angularJs application that was build with jhipster and an API. The authentication type of the angularJs application is oauth2. When running the angular application , I got the following error: Uncaught Error: [$injector:unpr] Unknown provider: AuthServerProviderProvider <- AuthServerProvider <- Auth <- stateHandler I didn’t do any extra configuration. I just run the code generated by jhipster with gulp . Do I need do […]

Jhipster – not able to register a service worker

When trying to register a service worker to handle push notifications i get: localhost:9000/notification-sw.js Failed to load resource: net::ERR_INVALID_RESPONSE Changes i made to register the service worker: Save the service worker file at: src/main/webapp/notification-sw.js src/main/webapp/app/app.module.ts: import { ServiceWorkerModule } from ‘@angular/service-worker’; @NgModule – imports – ServiceWorkerModule.register(‘/notification-sw.js’) package.json: dependencies: “@angular/service-worker”: “5.1.2” Source: AngularJS

How do i display an image(AWS) in same page in angularjs

I need to display an image in jhipster angularjs application(In same Page). The image is rendered from AWS server- so, i have got only document path. Generally if i give that doc path, it will redirect to chrome to display that image. But, in my case, i need to display in the same screen. How to achieve this in angularjs? Note: Document Path: Source: AngularJS

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