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iOS: A button in WebView doesn’t appear

I’ve got a WKWebView in my project, which displays a certain web page. One of the page elements (a button) doesn’t show. When I load the same page in the laptop browser everything’s fine. The button originally appears with a delay of 1-2 seconds and has an attribute of ‘ng-show’. What could possibly be a problem there? Source: AngularJS

Filling a website’s login fields on AngularJS form using WKWebView’s Javascript

I am using WKWebView controller and I need to fill in email and password fields with data. I’ve already been using the “evaluate javascript” method to fill in the form’s values, but submitting a form this way only works on simpler ones. The AngularJS forms will say this even when the value is filled: After entering one letter then deleting it in each field, I can submit. I know that it’s probably an “onChange” event, […]

Slow rendering (during scroll) on ios (tested on ipad mini)

I am facing some rendering issues with a web application I am developing. It’s displaying a grid of images. This has been tested to work fine on all desktop browsers – windows, mac, linux, all mobile browsers – android, iphone & a few major android tablets. I have this problem only on ipad mini. When i scroll through the screen, there are brief periods of slices going completely white and then they get rendered (with […]

Statusbar with notification not overlapping webview

I have an app developped in angularjs. I have the plugin “cordova-status-bar” with: <preference name=”StatusBarOverlaysWebView” value=”true” /> It works usually but when I have a ‘notification’ like a call or waze open, it hides a part of my webview: Statusbar alone Statusbar with ‘notification’ Is there anyway to prevent the ‘notification’ to move my webview? The best would be that it overlapped as the default statusbar. Source: AngularJS

$ not working on iOS devices

alertPopup.then (function(res) { if(ionic.Platform.isAndroid()) { $‘android_link_here’, ‘_system’) } else if(ionic.Platform.isIOS()) { $‘ios_link_here’, ‘_system’) } else { $‘other_link_here’, ‘_system’); } }) Hey Guys, I am trying to set up a popup that pops up informing the user when a new version of the application is available. What I want this to do is basically go to the page that i have in the string quotations. For iOS, this doesn’t work and it fails to open up […]

iPhone X show status bar when open photo gallery ionic 3

Basically I’m native iOS developer but I’m developing ionic app with version ionic 3. In my App issue is that when I open default photo gallery in iPhone X for choose photo then statusBar is hide and looking so bad so how can I show statusBar when open default photo gallery. Look at below screenshot so you will get more clear. My App – ionic 3 Actually I want statusBar look like as below that […]

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