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Is it possible to see data stored in SQLite using javascript?

how to Is it possible to see data stored in SQLite using javascript? I am developing a Cross-Platform Application for iOS using AngularJS. I am using SQLite to store my data. Now I want to see my data stored in Database. So is it possible to see data stored in SQLite using javascript? just like phpMyAdmin in PHP? I don’t want to retrieve I just want to see the database. I can tool or extension […]

Use Add to Homescreen js within Angular 4 Project

I have just started learning Angular development. I have a task to include below add to homescreen jquery plugin inside one of my pages. I am trying to do it as below in my home.component.ts file ngAfterViewInit() { $.getScript(‘addtohomescreen.js’); addToHomescreen({ skipFirstVisit: false, lifespan: 0, maxDisplayCount: 3, displayPace : 0 }); } I am getting below error in my console. ./src/app/home/home.component.ts:175:9 TS2304: Cannot find name ‘addToHomescreen’. can anyone help me to implement this correctly in […]

Page rendering and data binding after AJAX call is too slow and horrible in ionic v1 ios app

Somebody can help me plz. I am using ionic v1 for my ios and android app.After AJAX call I have to process data and apply various conditions to display it in table.But after completing ajax call,the app takes almost 10 sec to load the page along with table.I can’t optimize code further. So please help me to know a better way of applying conditions and show data very quickly in table. Also the table should […]

Angular – iOS Blank Pages

I’ve just installed Angular and are facing 2 blank page problems: 1) Blank Website On iOS 7 My iPad running iOS 7 just sees a blank page when I try to load the website, both via Safari and Chrome apps. I thought iOS 7 is supported by Angular ( It does display properly on my iPhone running iOS 9. It is important that the Angular website I will build can be viewed properly […]

Launch Navigator Error – After Build Phonegap, IOS Version

I work in some project, the source angularsjs, css with native app and build on phonegap. Plugin instaled: spec=”3.2.2″ source=”npm” Android: Fine, open with google maps. IOS: Open maps default iphone but not directions option. The idea os open with google maps app to on IOS . Details: $rootScope.getDirection = function() { $scope.onSuccess = function(){ alert(“Successfully launched navigator”); } $scope.onError = function(errMsg){ alert(“Error launching navigator: “+errMsg); } launchnavigator.navigate([$scope.requestDetail[0].markers_lat,$scope.requestDetail[0].markers_lng], [$rootScope.latitude,$rootScope.longitude], $scope.onSuccess, $scope.onError); } The idea […]

File upload fails in iOS 11 in AngularJS webapp

I have created a webapp meant for both desktop and mobile devices, using Angular JS. There’s one page with the feature to upload a file to the server. File upload button is created using: <input type=”file” auto-upload=”addFile”/>` The file upload button works perfectly fine on desktop, Android devices and iPhone (iOS 10.x.x) but fails on iPhones with iOS 11.x.x It doesn’t even open a dialog to select a file regardless of the browser you use. […]

Using ng-repeat with filter results in different HTML rendered on iOS and Windows

Let me start with two images of day menu of local website I’ve created. First image This is correctly rendered menu. Second image This is the same menu but viewed on iOS device. As you can see dishes from Monday (Pondělí in czech) are rendered in Tuesday (Úterý in czech) and so forth. Everything seems pushed one day down. Leaving Monday empty. I have no idea why this is happening. It’s even harder […]

IPad Multiple download by click on button

I am working in angularjs. On my web page there is a grid which shows number of files with check box selection. User can select multiple files and then click on download button. All selected files are downloaded on User Machine. Following code works fine on all browsers including safari on mac book. But on IPad instead of downloading it opens pdf in same window in which application is running. Multiple download does not work […]

ng-file-upload directive upload to server works via Gallery but not Camera although both use same function?

I am using the Angular directive ng-file-upload to upload images from my iOS device to a remote server. // html <button ng-if=”deviceInfo.platform == ‘iOS'” class=”btn btn-camera” type=”file” ngf-select=”onFileSelect($files)” multiple accept=”{{acceptStr}}” ngf-fix-orientation=”true”><span class=”btn-camera-text”>Browse gallery</span></button> // javascript $scope.uploadImage = function(files, fileIndex, imageIndex) { if (!angular.isDefined(fileIndex)) { fileIndex = 0; imageIndex = 0; } var file = files[fileIndex]; var image = $[imageIndex]; var uploadTarget = “/api/upload”; Upload.upload({ url : uploadTarget, data : { __token : $localStorage.token.value, file : […]

Print using thermal printer via bluetooth in ionic1

I am trying to print order from thermal printer via bluetooth in ionic1 and I just want to by pass print preview option and print direct on click on print button. Please help me in find the way to print. I want the printing app like POS PRINTER DRIVER ESC/POS I also tried to implement this but ad ( POS PRINTER DRIVER’s title ) is showing on top of print receipt and I want to […]

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