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Print using thermal printer via bluetooth in ionic1

I am trying to print order from thermal printer via bluetooth in ionic1 and I just want to by pass print preview option and print direct on click on print button. Please help me in find the way to print. I want the printing app like POS PRINTER DRIVER ESC/POS I also tried to implement this but ad ( POS PRINTER DRIVER’s title ) is showing on top of print receipt and I want to […]

install IPA iOS from Angular

i’ve implemented a management in Angular 4 to download and install directly an IPA from a web page. Currently i’m using the logic with the url formatted in this way: “itms-services://?action=download-manifest&url=https://…..” With Google Chrome all is ok. With Safari, first time ask me if i want to open the link with iTunes… when i tap on “yes” then it’s ok… otherwise with “annull” button (in system alert) if I try to re-install I receive the […]

One webapp developed with AngularJS and Sketchfab not work in iOS

Im developing a webapp for show models in 3d using Sketchfab API, my problem is the website load good in all devices as smartphone androids, Firefox in mac and PC, chrome in mac and PC, but in iOS not work the chrome for example show a message as: “Aw, Snap!”: Chrome is having problems loading the page. Really I dont know what happend if load good in all androids, windows and mac devices, why not […]

Nativescript: Navigate between router-outlets

For better introduction see the blog post about outlets. I use a TabView to navigate through my mobile app written with nativescript (ProtectedComponent). <TabView #tabView tabsBackgroundColor=”#f57c00″ selectedTabTextColor=”#B23010″ [(ngModel)]=”selectedIndex” (selectedIndexChanged)=”tabViewIndexChange(tabView.selectedIndex)”> <StackLayout *tabItem=”{iconSource: ‘res://tab-icons/cats’}”> <cats-tab></cats-tab> </StackLayout> <StackLayout *tabItem=”{iconSource: ‘res://tab-icons/dogs’}”> <dogs-tab></dogs-tab> </StackLayout> </TabView> This is part of the component code relevant for the navigation: navigateToCatsRoot() { this.router.navigate([ ‘/protected’, { outlets: { catOutlet: [‘cats’] } } ]); } navigateToDogsRoot() { this.router.navigate([ ‘/protected’, { outlets: { dogOutlet: [‘dogs’] } } […]

AngularJS – Bind to Scroll (Mousewheel, Dragging Bar, and Touch Swiping)

I made a very shabby “Infinite-Scroll” directive, all other solutions were incompatible with a md-grid-list so I went ahead and made my own alternative workaround. app.directive(‘scrollTrigger’, function($window) { return { link : function(scope, element, attrs) { var e = angular.element(element[0]); e.bind(‘mousewheel’, function() { var parent = e.offsetParent()[0]; if (parent.scrollTop + parent.offsetHeight > (70/100*parent.scrollHeight)) { scope.$apply(attrs.scrollTrigger); } }); } }; }); You simply put scroll-trigger on the html element that will be scrollable. The code checks […]

ios status bar and tab style is broken with ionic1 framework

I’m trying to deploy both Android and iOS with the ionic1 framework. I have finished development on Android basis and are now developing iOS. There are two problems. iOS should specify the upper status bar area separately (20px) A white background will appear on the top tab in all screens. Because of this, I need to paste the styles below into every view so it looks normal. <style> .platform-ios.platform-cordova:not(.fullscreen) .bar-header:not(.bar-subheader) { height: 84px; } .platform-ios.platform-cordova:not(.fullscreen) […]