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Unable to print arabic EscPosEncoder ionic

const encoder = new EscPosEncoder(); let result = encoder.initialize(); result .codepage(‘cp864’) .align(‘center’) .newline() .text(‘السلام عليكم’) .newline() .cut(‘partial’) const resultByte = result.encode(‘utf-8’); this.print2.sendToBluetoothPrinter(this.selectedPrinter, resultByte) Source: Angular Questions

By Mohammed Abdullah
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How to pass storage (User session) data to side menu ionic 5 angular?

My code perfect working but got some issue …Issue is i used this code but still i am facing issue in checklogin method first time when i land on sign in subscribe value is false console.log(value) right after susbcsribe, after login it shows true only once even after success login storage_xxx res is null why […]

Ionic datepicker – Display specific year

I want to display the ionic date picker[ion-datepicker] in angular framework with default year as current year minus 65 years when I open the datepicker. Please suggest a solution. Source: Angular Questions

By Apsara Mohanan
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Angular 12 + Ionic 5: Resolver does not wait for the Storage and HTTP calls to finish

SITUATION: This question is regarding a SPA that I am building using Angular 12 and Ionic 5. When I am on the Home page, I can click the "Order History" link in the Side Menu and this routes me to the Order History page. I am using a Resolver in order to procure the Order […]

error NG6002: Appears in the NgModule.imports of AppModule, but itself has errors AppRoutingModule

When I make: ionic cap build android –prod –release , I have this error : Error: src/app/app-routing.module.ts:60:14 – error NG6002: Appears in the NgModule.imports of AppModule, but itself has errors export class AppRoutingModule {} I don’t have this error when I just do : ionic cap build android. I try different proposition on forums […]

By Mattuys
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Toast message does not show up when I call it from app.components.ts

I’m trying to display toast message when the app receives FCM push notifications while the app in foreground but the toast message does not show up, I placed alert(data.message) and the alert show up without issue but toast messages does not. BTW the toast message works fine in other pages in the app but not […]

Capacitor Camera not working throws localhost/vendor.js error. Ionic+Angular+firebase+androidstudio+capacitor

Everything in my app is working properly on browser. Now when i try to emulate it on android studio and installing its apk on mobile, google sign in and camera wont work. When triggering the buttons (both camera and google sign in) it throws this error. E/Capacitor/Console: File:http//localhost/vendor.js – Line 45885 – Msg: ERROR during […]

Google token exchange in ionic application for android client

I want to exchange tokens i.e want to get a refresh token with serverAuthCode in ionic 5, I am able to achieve this by creating a web client on Google console but I want this with the android client and the problem is we have to call Google token api with client_id, client_secret, code,redirect_uri and […]

By Vector Arora
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how to integrate PayUmoney Cordova Plugin in ionic 5 app?

Iam implementing PayuMoney payment gateway in my app ,for that iam using plugin cordova plugin add com.payumoney.sdkui.cordova but unable to understand how to integrate the sdk in my project this is my reference.i didnt understood where to plae PayU-Helper.js file in my project To integrate with the PayUmoney SDK, you will need to include the […]

By dhasharath yadav
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Convert .HEIC/.HEIC to .jpeg and then convert the jpeg to base64 using ionic/angular

I’m currently using ionic 5 and cordova. I use to access my photo galary in ios device. AIM: Default ios captures .heic type image i want to convert selected image to .jpeg and then that .jpeg need to be converted to base64 this is my camera options: const options: CameraOptions = { quality: 50, […]

By Mohan Gopi
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