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How to use value of click function of addEventListener in another function?

I want to use value of a click function in another function using angular 2. My code is written below : optionFn(id){ let root = this.viewCtrl.instance.navCtrl._app._appRoot; // console.log(root); document.addEventListener(‘click’, function (event) { let btn = document.querySelector(‘.remove-ok .alert-button-default:nth-child(2)’); let target =; if (btn && target.className == ‘alert-radio-label’) { let view = root._overlayPortal._views[0]; let inputs = view.instance.d.inputs; console.log(“inputs” + JSON.stringify(inputs)); for(let input of inputs) { let input = inputs_1[_i]; if (input.checked) { // this.optionEvent1 =input.value; view.instance.d.buttons[1].handler([input.value]); […]

I have a angular website and want to use ionic to create the mobile apps. Whats the easiest way?

I have a website that is created in Angular 4 (with Lumen as the Rest API) that has a responsive design. The website works on desktop & mobile browser fine but now I want to create the mobile applications. What is the easiest way to wrap ionic around my existing Angular website to create the mobile applications? The mobile applications will need camera, location, bar-scanning, etc. So I cant just webkit or webview the mobile […]

Firebase Passing State(continue to app link) in Password Reset Email

Trying to build a password reset flow where the user receives password reset email, reset’s their password and then is guided back to the app. trying to avoid deep linking, just need to open the app back up. The app is using latest Ionic and Angular version with Firebase authentication. Problem: I am able to send the password reset email and change the password for that account but when I click the continue button provided […]

Ionic 2 value overwrite

i am having some trouble with my ionic 2 app . I am currently trying to save multiple values in ionic storage but the save operation seems to be overwriting the value set before hand,resulting in the display of only one object. My code is as follows: //Receiving data from modal as (data): modal.onDidDismiss(data =>{ if (data){ let eventData=data; eventData.startTime= new Date(data.startTime); eventData.endTime= new Date(data.endTime); This is where i am trying to save the eventData […]