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How to stoPropagation in ion-tab from IONIC 3

I have an app with 4 ion-tabs like example below: I would like that in some cases disable the ion-tab and if user try click in this disabled tabs the application will display a modal message for them. As we already know, if we disable an "ion-tab: or a "button" we cannot get the eventLister. […]

angular jasmine test abstract class with other abstract class

i have this scenario problem: In a Ionic/Angular project(ionic v3/Angular v5) i have the component SuppliedVanContainerComponent wich extend the abstract class AbstractLoadingClass and this class extend another abstract class AbstractSubscriberClass. The AbstractLoadingClass use the LoadingController an ionic-angular service for showing the spinner and it used by SuppliedVanContainerComponent when call the showLoading methods. The problem: When […]

Ionic/Angular project, getting "no ad config, code 3" error message in library @capacitor-community/admob

In Ionic/Angular project, getting No ad config error message in @capacitor-community/admob. Used testing device Ad ID and AdMob ID in demo app and my app. The library demo is working fine: But the same code not working in MY APP only. screenshot link Working demo app screenshot screenshot link. Below is the library link […]

By Vijay
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Update cordova-android 6 to 9, cordova-ios 5 to 6, with nodejs 8, angularjs, ionic3, cordova8

I hope you are well! I have a question with some plugins. Facebook makes a change in its registration-start this October 5, that affects the app for which we maintain. We received the app a bit old, it is made with angularjs, node 8 and ionic3, it has cordova 8. The plugin that the app […]

By federico espinosa
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Why does the check property of toggle becomes false if it’s turned on?

I am usign ion-toggle. The problem is that when I toggle to the right the checked property becomes false and if it do left it becomes true. <ion-toggle slot="end" mode="ios" mode="md" item-end [(ngModel)]="Enabled" ionChange)="onToggleChanged($event)"></ion-toggle> </div> now in onToggleChanged function when I check the event.detail.checked its false if toggled right. Why? Source: Angular Questions

By Ivan
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How do I dynamically change the value of [checked] property in ion-checkbox?

<ion-list lines=’full’> <ng-container *ngFor="let item of data"> <ion-item> <ion-label class="ion-text-wrap"> {{ item.Title}} </ion-label> <ion-checkbox slot="end" (ionChange)="onDataCheckBoxChange(item.Id, $event)" [checked]="item.selected" ></ion-checkbox> </ion-item> </ng-container> </ion-list> now on ngOnInit() I am returning a an array of item ids i.e. 1,23,4,5,6 etc Now I want the [checked] property to be selected if item.Id is in the array of items ids […]

By Ivan
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Ionic 3 /Angular dropdown select value from nested array object

I get response from an API that incorporates, nested array of objects in the following way. var virtualAddrObjFinal = [ { "accountNo": "5019000", "vpainfo": [ { "vpa": "[email protected]" }, { "vpa": "[email protected]" } ] }, { "accountNo": "1018000", "vpainfo": [ { "vpa": "[email protected]" } ] } ] And want to populate the values in dropdown […]

By vishnu
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Can’t get data using orderBy from Firestore in descending order

I am trying to get data from Firestore in an descending order, but it always returns no data. I use the following query: const query = this.db .firestore.collection(‘tasks’) .where(‘to’, ‘==’, this.getUserPhoneNumber()) .where(‘accepted’, ‘==’, true) .where(‘finalized’, ‘==’, null) .orderBy(‘createdAt’, ‘desc’) .startAfter(doc ? doc : 0) .limit(this.pageElements); I have configured the indexes in Firestore like this: tasks […]

Anyone used JSON1 extention in ionic angular?

I would like to retrieve SQlite data in JSON format using the JSON1 extension, however when i implement the code, i get the error message error{"message":"sqlite3_prepare_v2 failure: no such function: json_object", "code":5} Is there a plugin or library that will allow me to utilize this functionality? Source: Angular Questions

By user9913710
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Pagination using Firestore and onSnapshot

I have an app that uses Firebase to store and get data. But in my tests, when I try to get a lot of data at once, it takes a long time to finish, so I decided to use pagination to make this process faster. But I got stuck and I do not know how […]

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