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‘FullCalendar" can’t adjust time lower than 30 minutes

I am working on the Schedule in PrimeNG : I am facing the issue how to add time to the Schedule. I see that it only can add date to the Schedule and adjust the time more than 30 minutes. It can’t adjust the duration time lower than 30 minutes. I am using Angular 2 technology in my app. Do you have any ideas for my case ? I want to create the Schedule […]

Communication between app.component.ts and another component angular 2

I am a beginner in Angular 2 since I want to move my app from angular 1 to something more efficient. And I don’t understand how to make a communication between two components available. My case is I think special because I want to send some data from my app.component.ts to home.ts. These two classes are not in the same directory. Here is the architecture of my app : >src > app – app.component.ts //where […]

Howt to create dynamic sidemenu from sqlite ionic2

how to create dynamic sidemenu from sqlite. Im newbie in ionic, i have a scenario in my project from appcomponent to LoginPage, how can I generate sidemenu after i past the app.component.ts while, sidemenu have been generated in app.component.ts how can I generate wich menu should appear in sidemenu from loginPage, and the sidemenu title I’ve stored in sqlite thanks Source: AngularJS

Ionic 2 value overwrite

i am having some trouble with my ionic 2 app . I am currently trying to save multiple values in ionic storage but the save operation seems to be overwriting the value set before hand,resulting in the display of only one object. My code is as follows: //Receiving data from modal as (data): modal.onDidDismiss(data =>{ if (data){ let eventData=data; eventData.startTime= new Date(data.startTime); eventData.endTime= new Date(data.endTime); This is where i am trying to save the eventData […]