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Category: ionic-native

Calculate get total price using Ionic

I Developed E-commerce app. I need to calculate the Total amount. My method is not working. when I add some quantity same item without special notes. it’s shows correctly. But same quantity, same item with special notes then add to cart. its calculate correctly. Then previously I added without special note items its multiply in price. How can I solve it. getTotalPrice({ quantity, price }: any) { const stringifiedPrice = price.toString().replace(“RS. “,””); const index = […]

Closing ionic popup after some time : Removes popup styles when it is shown next time

I am using AngularJS, ionic1. I have some functionality in my app which runs after certain time and shows a success popup. I am using $ionicPopup.alert for this. When close popup after certain time it is perfectly working fine, but it removes popup styles when it is shown next time. Here is my test code: $ionicPopup.alert({ title: ‘Operation Successful’, template: ‘operation has been completed’ }); $rootScope.promise_closePopup; $rootScope.promise_closePopup = $interval($rootScope.closePopup, 9000); and for closing popup: $rootScope.closePopup […]

Facebook Plugin not working in ionic 1

I am developing an app from ionic-1. I also implemented facebook login plugin. I’ve followed this steps. I have no errors, but when I click on the facebook button, it doesn’t work, no errors displaying. I use alert in every error catch but no alert will be displayed. NOTE: I am running in an real android device because they said that native plugin will not work in browser. Please help me because Im working with […]