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Can I custom design the Camera Capacitor plugin?

I´m using the Capacitor Camera Plugin in an Ionic App. Can i to modify the styles of the plugin? When I call the plugin to choose a photo from the camera or from my hard drive with this line: const image = await Camera.getPhoto({ …// parameters … }); In Android and iOS they appear with […]

Ionic & Angular – Ion Datetime Design on iOS

Context This is not a question. This an answer to an issue that I have been facing with Ionic + Angular + Capacitor + iOS. It’s related with the ion-datetime iOS component design and according to my research there is a possible workaround to match it like android devices. So I hope I can help […]

By Grinnex
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Ionic Starting new project

Hello normally I make my Ionic projects on Mac, now I’m working on a Windows PC. Node version: v14.17.4 npm version: 6.14.14 ionic version: 6.16.3 PC’s Global variable’s Path has C:UserszammlAppDataRoamingnpm along with other variables other tutorials recommended. The issue I’m getting is I can’t even get a brand new ionic project working. ionic start […]

By win4win
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How to integrate offline maps in Ionic+Angular using leaflet maps? ="mapId", { zoomControl: false }).setView([17.385, 78.4867], 13); leaflet.tileLayer("https://{s}{z}/{x}/{y}.png", { attribution: ”, }).addTo(;{ setView: true, maxZoom: 11 }) We have tried implementing the above code. It is working fine in online mode but does not work when offline. How can we implement current location & search locations functionality in leaflet maps when offline? […]

Ionic: Production build fails for loop running on object in template

I’m working with Ionic 5 I created a nested Object in typescript file and running a loop in template to read it. It works fine with ionic serve but fails when I build it. Here is the code: // declaration let dataMap:any; setupData(){ this.dataMap = {}; = {}; this.userSubscriptionUsages.forEach((userSubscriptionUsage: any) => { mapKey = […]

By Ashutosh
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Ionic 5 keeps reloading same page after API subscription

Im calling an API that contain pagination. For pagination im using ngb-pagination. The request for API is the page number and the response are data to be diplayed. After calling API, when i change from page 1 to 2 its recalling twice the API. With request page = 2 and than with request page = […]

How to get events from $cordovaInAppBrowser plugin from Cordova?

I got this code: .controller(‘CartCtrl’, function ($scope, $rootScope, $state, $stateParams, $cordovaInAppBrowser, $timeout, $http) { // Container for deviceready actions document.addEventListener(‘deviceready’, onDeviceReady, false); function onDeviceReady() { $scope.abrirTeste = function () { var ref = new $cordovaInAppBrowser(‘’, ‘_blank’, ‘location=yes, closebuttoncaption=DONE, footer=no’); } } }); I tried calling $rootScope.$on on my controller but it doesn’t works. $rootScope.$on(‘$cordovaInAppBrowser:loadstop’, function […]

How to close a WebView at Cordova/Ionic when onPageFinished matches with a URL?

I’m opening a page using this following code:‘’, ‘_self’); And my Android’s App returns: 2021-08-01 17:36:55.271 6607-6607/com.myapp.myapp D/CordovaWebViewImpl: onPageDidNavigate( 2021-08-01 17:36:57.817 6607-6607/com.myapp.myapp D/CordovaWebViewImpl: onPageFinished( When the current page is changed at WebView the cordova returns: 2021-08-01 17:36:55.271 6607-6607/com.myapp.myapp D/CordovaWebViewImpl: onPageDidNavigate( 2021-08-01 17:36:57.817 6607-6607/com.myapp.myapp D/CordovaWebViewImpl: onPageFinished( What should I do to close the WebView when […]

By vinoli
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How to get my col/div to change height based on its content height? [closed]

Can anyone help me with this? I need my sencond ion-col (class = "page1") to change its height to the same of the height inside it: I am using router-outlet to change content inside the second col, but the problem is that col heigh dont change. I want for exemple, if the content 1 […]

By Fabio Heitor
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How to make text selectable in Ionic 5

I am trying to make text inside a div container as selectable. Here is what I tried so far wrapping text in a container (selection class) and then using this in page css .selection { -webkit-user-select: auto !important; -moz-user-select: auto !important; -ms-user-select: auto !important; user-select: auto !important; } It used to work on my ionic […]

By Vineet Mehra
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