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Export and Import File: Back-end or Front-end?

I’m confused about doing exporting in the back-end or front-end. For example in export: Using Spring and JPA Get data (repository) return ModelAndView (controller) in csv format using super-csv But this approach(export to csv) can also be done in angularjs. Request data(service) using javascript or other available api. In my case I’m using only javascript. return json data converted to csv file. downloaded as text/csv. I’m a beginner in this exporting process. I searched on […]

Error: Cannot find module "jquery-slotmachine"

I’m trying to use this ‘jquery-slotmachine’, but I get the error below. I read a lot documentation and try few things. I’ve been able to import jquery and use it. Here are the steps I did: $ cd my-ionic-project $ npm install jquery –save $ npm install jquery-slotmachine –save $ cd src/home $ vim home.ts #home.ts … ~ import * as $ from ‘jquery’; ~ import * as jslot from ‘jquery-slotmachine’; ~ console.dir($); ~ console.dir(jslot); […]

cannot find module ‘angular’ angularjs 1.3 + typescript + gulp

I have a project with angular1.3.x + gulp-typescript 2.13.6 (typescript 1.8) and tried to use react with ngReact but I cannot import react module so I just remove typescript module like module App {…} and export all controllers, services, and etc from our entire project. After I removing typescript module, I try to import angular but it returns cannot find module error everywhere that I import angular module. I tried multiple ways to import but […]

Angular rerouting to home page doesn’t work?

Here is my error: core.es5.js:1020 ERROR Error: Uncaught (in promise): Error: Cannot match any routes. URL Segment: ‘home’ This is the code from the view.html: <div class=”container”> This is the main app; <a routerLink=”second”>Click to go to second</a> <a routerLink=”third”>Click to go to third</a> <a routerLink=”home”>Go to Home</a> <router-outlet></router-outlet> </div> And this is my array of objects which includes the path to the home and other paths. The path to the home is correct, hence […]