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How to download files from project asset folder as zip in angular

I have an Angular project where I have images and videos that are stored in the assets folder and I want to download all of them as a .zip file on a button click. Thanks in advance Source: Angular Questions

By Vennila
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Search doesn’t work in list containing image – Angular 12

Html <input matInput (keyup)="applyFilter($any($" placeholder="Search here"> Component applyFilter(filterValue: string) { this.dataSource.filter = filterValue.trim().toLowerCase(); console.log(this.dataSource.filter); if (this.dataSource.paginator) { this.dataSource.paginator.firstPage(); } } I cannot find why the same function works in some of my components & doesn’t work properly in the others. The search function is working well in lists having data (without image/file; only text type […]

By Valkyrie 30
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How to convert image(via input element) into byte array in angular?

Want user uploaded image as a byte array to store in the database. How can I achieve this in angular? Source: Angular Questions

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Load image in Angular that is located outside the root/app folder

My repository folder contains two apps and a libs folder which contains assets that are used in both apps. If I would like to display an image in a component of these apps, that is stored in the assets folder of this particular app, it’s no problem. Like this – as I’m still located in […]

By lppsks
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Images from backend are not displayed

The image that I transfer from a nestjs backend to a angular frontend does not appear in the browser. I send a query from the front to the backend containing the path to the file on the server (for example: "C:MyFolderMyFile.png"), which will read the image and send a stream back to the frontend. The […]

By nkoniishvt
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How to create a design studio using Angular?

I want to create a design studio using Angular framework. But I don’t know where to start it. I mean what type of inner technologies and concept should I used in my Angular project. Here is my idea : I want to build a design studio which allow users to add images and text (clip […]

By shehan96
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ngx-quill-upload with Angular, how to replace the base64-url with a http-url

I use angular12, ngx-quill-upload with quill editor to upload user posts. I am trying to upload images to server, then embed the url to the htmlstring and persist the htmlstring to database. I can successfully upload the image to the server, however, when I persist the htmlstring to database, the htmlstring still contains the base64 […]

By tao feng
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Upload Image in angular

What is the most efficient way to upload muliple images with high resolution (each image with size greater than 5mb) with angular 8 client and nodejs service? It should be quick and it should maintain the initial resolution. Source: Angular Questions

By Achilles
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How to convert the link of resized image to byte array

#newbie question – The result of resizing an image is a url that can be set to the html element src – how can I get its byte array (the data) in order to send it to the server for storing in DB? my code for resizing the image private imgThumbnail(file){ if(file && file.type && […]

By Kukula Mula
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images in src in angular 12 update are not loadded in webpack-dev-server

when we update our code for angular 12, we have an issue with webpack-dev-server (prod works ok) with the images src on HTML. e.g: please see example for the image src here <div class="hbox logo-wrapper"> <i class="fas fa-bars mx-3 cursor-pointer" (click)="onMenuClick($event)"></i> <img src="../assets/images/white-logo.svg" class="cursor-pointer" (click)="onLogoClick()"> <span class="mx-3">|</span> <i class="fas fa-home cursor-pointer" (click)="onHomeButtonClick()" ngbTooltip="Portal Home"></i> </div> […]

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