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Ionic5 Angular – transform http reponse to custom object

I’m completely new to Ionic and angular and I’m trying to load data from a REST api (for testing a local json file) and transform them to an object as the origin json structure is not really useful. I tried this: ngAfterViewInit(){ var data = this.locationService.getLocalData() console.log(data); } location.service.ts: getLocalData() { let url = "/assets/data/locallocations.json"; […]

By Lawrence Stiller
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Angular map wait Observable to complete

I am trying to send httpclient in my Observable function, it will run without the HttpClient Complete. Here is a demo code which is used to reproduce test() { this.test2() .pipe( mergeMap((result) => { console.log(result[0]); return of([]); }) ) .subscribe(); } test1(): Observable<any> { return of(this.getStudents()); } test2(): Observable<any> { return this.test1().pipe( mergeMap((result) => { […]

By Edward
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Angular 12 TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘length’) at HttpHeaders.applyUpdate

I’m getting this error message when I make a http request in my Angular Service. This only happens when I logout but when I login the error disappears: Here’s my authentication Service: import { Injectable } from ‘@angular/core’; import { HttpClient, HttpHeaders } from ‘@angular/common/http’; import { Observable, throwError } from ‘rxjs’; import { catchError, […]

By Mohid
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Problem with Angular Http Client Exercise [closed]

As part if a certification that I’m working on, I have the following problems trying to do the Angular Http Client excercise, here is the link to the post I made in Coursera: I’m using Angular 12 Source: Angular Questions

By PedroCova
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Angular Loop over httpClient

I have a grid of multiple rows and I am doing a bulk action ‘Ex: deletion for multiple rows on 1 click’ so I am looping over the httpClient reuest. So if I have 3 rows, When the 3rd request is excuted successfully I wanna popup a single toaster saying ‘Saved Successfully’. The problem now […]

By Ziad Mohamed
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Call script request instead of XHR using HttpClient Angular

I’m trying to call backend with URL as It is a script type call instead of XHR. [screenshot added]. Now the response is javascript code. I’m calling the API like below. The reason I’m not using httpClient is that httpClient uses XHR and this starts failing because this is a script type call. getUserDetails(isBrowser: […]

return observable but wait until another finishes

I was ask to add a functionnality to a legacy code. The legacy code handle a get request with some added features like avoiding duplciate calls and cache get request when PWA is offline. In the context of this PWA when have some POST/PUT/DELETE operation I want to commit before any get is executed. I […]

By Su4p
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To send parameters i must do it in httpParams no ? I dont know why but in back id is undefined? Maybe i am doing something wrong. FRONT getUser(id: string): any { console.log(‘EFE’, id); const url = `${this.baseUrl}/auth/getUser`; let params = new HttpParams().set(‘id’, id); console.log(params); return this.http .get<AuthResponse>(url, { params }) .pipe(catchError((err) => of(err.error.msg))); } […]

By Paul Bombay
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how to send raw JSON using angular 2+ like below image using angular 2+

enter image description here I am not able to send post request payload using angular for graph api . api will accept only raw json Source: Angular Questions

By Akash Gupta
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Angular 12 ConcatMap how i can do it?

I want to concat the tow api call. How i can use ConcatMap on this code ? getHIndices(code) { this.api.getInstrumentHistoryIndices(code, ‘3M’) .subscribe((response: {}) => { this.prepareDataForHistory(response); }); setTimeout(() => { this.api.getInstrumentHistoryIndices(code, ‘5Y’) .subscribe((response: {}) => { this.prepareDataForHistory2(response); }); }, 300); } Source: Angular Questions

By zakaria1153
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