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Angular Service Worker , 302 found (From service worker). This affects Google ouath2.0 sign in using passportjs and Nodejs

I Have attached 2 images. First Image is the very fist time when I load the website where the service-worker is registered. There are 2 arrow mark that shows 302 found and sets the cookies of session information. This is the second time (refer the below image) , After I sign out and sign in […]

Angular – handle a 302 redirection

I have seen several topics on the problem, but none of them with a clean and well constructed solution… So I’m re-launching the topic! I am on Angular v.12.1.1 I would like to hundle a 302 response cleanly. But the browser catches it before, and makes a GET request towards the location… I found a […]

Getting status as 302 found while reading third data service data in angular

I am calling a third part service API through Angular. I am successfully able to call it. However, when I get authorized to access it, it redirect to a URI that I have passed to it as a request object. However, while it call the redirect URI, it is actually giving me a status code […]

Angular – 302 response getting JSON parse error from request

I am making a normal request to our server, and a 302 response is returned with a bunch of additional calls for the redirect, one of them which hits a JSON parse exception because the response is the full HTML of the login page. (this was not happening in angularjs) I’m assuming this is happening […]

How to avoid CORS issue on 302 redirect after an ajax post call?

I am trying to implement an oauth2 login flow using : Hydra oauth2 server Identity Provider The frontend application is using angular framework Here is the first part of the flow (until I get the CORS issue) : As long as I do a non Ajax form POST, 302 redirection goes well. But angular framework […]

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