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How to keep all Autopopulate list values always visible using AngularJS

how to How to keep all Autopopulate list values always visible using AngularJS How to show autopopulate list values always visible even enter non-relevant text in Textbox. Example: if I enter ‘Ora’ in textbox, I’m getting only ‘Orange’ I want to show all values in the list value JsFiddle Please suggest any way to achieve this case. <div data-ng-app=’httpApp’ data-ng-controller=’httpAppCtrlr’> <input list=”values” placeholder=”select”> <datalist id=”values”> <option ng-repeat=”item in items” value=”{{item}}” ></option> </datalist> </div> Source: AngularJS

how to add auto complete value to the list?

how to how to add auto complete value to the list? HTML: <div class=”maincontent”> <div ng-app=”autocompleteCustomTemplateDemo” ng-controller=”DemoCtrl as ctrl” class=”container container1″> <div class=”row”> <div class=”col-lg-12 col-sm-12″> <h4><strong> Service</strong></h4> </div> </div> <div class=”row”> <div class=”col-md-12″> <md-content layout-padding layout=”column”> <form ng-submit=”$event.preventDefault()”> <md-autocomplete ng-disabled=”ctrl.isDisabled” md-no-cache=”ctrl.noCache” md-selected-item=”ctrl.selectedItem” md-search-text- change=”ctrl.searchTextChange(ctrl.searchText)” md-search-text=”ctrl.searchText” md-selected-item-change=”ctrl.selectedItemChange(item)” md-items=”item in ctrl.querySearch(ctrl.searchText)” md-item-text=”item.product_name” md-min-length=”0″ placeholder=”Pick an Angular repository” md-menu-class=”autocomplete-custom-template”> <md-item-template> <span class=”item-title”> <span> {{item.product_gid}} </span> </span> <span class=”item-metadata” ng-model=”g1″ ng-click=”type(g1)”> <span> <strong>{{item.product_name}}</strong> </span> </span> </md-item-template> </md-autocomplete> <div […]

Angular JS: To get the scope value outside the http call

I have multiple select boxes. For each of these select boxes the http call has diffrent URL. I need to load the response data into these boxes: function getFilterDataUrl(category_url) { var filterUrl = Config.endpoints.getMilestoneFilter.url+”?filter_name=”+category_url; $http({ url: filterUrl, method: Config.endpoints.getMilestoneFilter.method }).success(function successCallback(response){ switch(category_url) { case ‘REGION’: $scope.REGION =; break; case ‘SHIPPING_POINT’: $scope.SHIPPING_POINT =; break; } }); } getFilterDataUrl(‘REGION’); getFilterDataUrl(‘SHIPPING_POINT’); <div class=”form-group”> <label for=”pwd”>REGION:</label> <multiselect class=”input-xlarge” multiple=”true” ng-model=”REGION” options=”i in REGION” change=”selected()”></multiselect> </div> <div class=”form-group”> […]

How to add subtitles from a external source in HTML5?

I’m trying to add subtitles from an external source in a video html but I can’t. I’m using the WebTorrent Technology, so, I’m streaming video torrents in my Browser and the <track> tag not works for me. Here’s the code that I use: The code for subtitles it’s this: file.appendTo(‘body’); var video = document.querySelector(“video”); var track = video.addTextTrack(“subtitles”, “prompt”, “en”); track.mode = “showing”; }); Thanks, i hope that you can help me! Source: AngularJS

Memory Leak while using FileReader

I am using HTML FileReader and readAsDataURL but the memory consumption of my application keeps increasing as I upload new files. I have configured it to accept only one file. Whenever I select new file it doesn’t clear the memory used by old file. What could be the possible way to fix it? Source: AngularJS

AngularJS code hangs browser

I am calling a Web Service which returns around 3000 records as data entries as HTML response & i am trying to read this response using angularJS. Below is my AngularJS code i am using to call the service angular.module(‘tabApp’, [‘ngSanitize’]) .controller(‘TabController’, [‘$scope’, ‘HttpService’, function($scope, HttpService) { $ = 0; $scope.setTab = function(newTab){ $ = newTab; $scope.loading = true; HttpService.CallService(‘Service.php?id=’+newTab,newTab, function (data) { $scope.myText = data; $(‘.count’).show(); $(“[id^=searchg]”).show(); $(‘.results’).show(); }); }; $scope.isSet = function(tabNum){ return […]

HTML Comments without DOCTYPE

I’m running into a config issue with a Angular/AMP setup that I’m trying to debug. I have a hunch on what the problem could be, but I’m having trouble verifying if some compilers might misunderstand a HTML comments without <!DOCTYPE html> present (which is an issue in itself). To provide a simple overview of the page I’m working with, the site renders something like the below within the DOM on the none AMP page (note […]

i want to get the value of ng-value in ng-model so i can use the data in controller part. Is it possible or is there any other way?

Code in html <div ng-repeat=”cityobj in cityData” class=”tabledata”> <input type=”text” ng-value=”{{cityobj.temp.humidity}}” ng-model=”humidity”> <div> In controller console.log(“The value in textfield is”,$scope.humidity); It always give undefined output Source: AngularJS

How to redirect a URL to the same URL with port number inserted dynamically

For example: Here the main intension is to hide the port number in the url. User should see the in the address bar on click of a button in webpage but it should dynamically redirect to the url I am using angular js and html for frontend and golang as backend. What are the feasible ways to achieve above redirection either in golang or angular js? Source: AngularJS

How to add time picker in datepicker html javascript?

I am implementing datepicker but I want to add time picker also. Now I am selecting date and time separately. but I want to select date and time in sequence after one click. I want to implement like this But I want to consider 24hrs clock. angular.module(‘ui.bootstrap.demo’, [‘ngAnimate’, ‘ngSanitize’, ‘ui.bootstrap’]); angular.module(‘ui.bootstrap.demo’).controller(‘DatepickerPopupDemoCtrl’, function ($scope) { $ = function() { $scope.dt = new Date(); }; $; $scope.clear = function() { $scope.dt = null; }; $scope.inlineOptions = […]

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