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show the file names and allow user to remove the files before submitting the form [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: How to POST binary files with AngularJS (with upload DEMO) 1 answer I am working on a web page where user need to upload files and send them along with some message.. First thing i noticed is when we want to upload a file or send an attachment(single or multiple) we need to use below line of code: <input type = “file” name=”file” file-model=”file” multiple/> With the above […]

Angular only update input field when not having focus

I have an input field which is for both setting and readback. I would like to have the following behavior: No focus: update the field with readback Focus: no update, if enter is pressed call send with the value written in the field. I have a mwe which is a start but does update when focused. <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang=”en”> <head> <script src=””></script> <script> angular.module(‘App’, []).controller(‘world’, function ($scope) { $scope.value1 = 0; $scope.value2 = 0; […]

Give an element different colors with `ng-repeat`

HTML logic vs Javascript logic I want to do something very simple. Based on the priority description, I want to give different colors to the td. This HTML is generated dynamically based on the tickets. Now let’s say I have 10 types of descriptions the html will start to get messy. Is there a better way or it’s ok to do this? <tr ng-repeat=”ticket in tickets”> <td class=”color-SOMETHING”>{{ticket.TICKET_PRIORITY_DESCRIPTION}}</td> <tr> Source: AngularJS

angular two-way binding not working

I am trying to build a small application using angular (i just started learning it). The app contains a form and Froala WYSIWYG editor. I am trying to connect the form to the editor using ng-model and ng-bind but it doesn’t work. Here is my code let app = angular.module(‘tempApp’, []); app.controller(‘myCtrl’, function($scope) { $scope.text = ” ” }); <div ng-app=”tempApp” ng-controller=”myCtrl” id=”main”> <!– Initialize the editor. –> <script> $(function() { $(‘#editarea’).froalaEditor() }); </script> <input […]

Removing space atop relatively positioned elements

I have three subdivs within a larger container on my webpage. I need each of these three divs to be positioned directly below each other, and the top div to be placed directly at the top of the container. I need to use relative positioning as each div has a variable height in practice so absolutely positioning them is not applicable (however I have thought about dynamically using AngularJS here), however all three have a […]

How to Creating dynamic Menu from JSON using AngularJS

Here’s the Plunk Code can Verify Now also Java Script Code: it is containing dummy json there root node is Admin System and there sub menu are Like Angular, Linux, Server Here UI will be shown as Given Below Format and this Menu will be able to Expendable and Close able or collapse so this will be fetch the data as from Service and same way can be use in project angular.module(‘myapp’, [‘ui.bootstrap’]) .controller(“MainController”, […]

Accessing dynamic id’s created with Angularjs

I am creating a dynamic form using the ng-repeat directive and create an input with an id called ‘value’ like this: <input name=”value” id=”{{ ‘value-‘ + $index }}” required> And I am trying to perform form validation on the dynamic id (ie: value-0, value-1, …) here with no avail: <div ng-messages=”form.{{ ‘value-‘ + $index }}.$error”> <div ng-message=”required”>This Is Required!</div> </div> Was wondering what the syntax would look like inside that ng-messages directive. Thanks in advance. […]

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