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Angularjs ng-style with interpolation expression

Angularjs v1.5.9 : ng-style (ngStyle) There’s a simple div with ng-style command in my directive template, and I use a interpolation expression to get different style at run time: <div class=”large-1 tile tile-plain” ng-style=”{‘background-image’: ‘url(assets/images/km-types/ico-{{iconMap[item.doctype]}}.png)’}”> </div> The directive as follow: .directive(‘knowledgeItemIcon’, function () { return { restrict: ‘E’, templateUrl: ‘templates/item-icon.html’, scope: { item: ‘=’ }, link: function (scope,element,attrs) { scope.iconMap = { ‘howto’: ‘pen’, ‘reference’: ‘settings’, //… }; } }; }); The iconMap is an […]

Uncaught SyntaxError: Invalid or unexpected token due to span tag in return statement [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: Creating multiline strings in JavaScript 33 answers When I click open first window link a popup opens. in that popup you will see a grid with two columns. in that first column i need to combine name and and icon. so i added span tag before a tag but its not working. can you guys tell me how to combine. providing code below. Uncaught SyntaxError: Invalid or unexpected […]

In AngularJS, how do I go about linking an image to an url?

I am working on an AngularJS application and I would like to have an image which, if clicked, redirects to an URL. I already am able to do that but with text. This is what my code looks like: JS: myLink: { LinkText: “Click here for the pdf:”, LinkHRef: “/documents/pdfs/Final.pdf” } HTML: <div class=”basic-page__link” ng-if=”section.myLink”> <a ng-if=”section.myLink.sectionLinkNewTab !== false” target=”_blank” ng-href=”{{ section.myLink.LinkHref }}”>{{ section.myLink.LinkText }}</a> <a ng-if=”section.myLink.sectionLinkNewTab === false” ng-href=” {{section.myLink.LinkHref }}”> {{section.myLink.LinkText }}</a> </div> […]

Easy way to customize the bullets for my list element in AnguIarJS

I am working on an angularJS webpage. I have a data type for a list. in HTML, it looks like this: <div class=”basic-page__section-list–mylist” ng-if=”section.theList”> <ul class=”section-list section-list–mylist”> <li ng-repeat=”listItem in section.theList”>{{ listItem }}</li> </ul> </div> in JS: app.controller(“myCtrl”, function($scope) { $scope.applySettings({ theList: [ “Alaska”, “Arkansas”, “Florida”, “Texas”, ] },{ This does what it’s supposed to. It prints out a list where Alaska, Arkansas, Florida, Texas are the elements. However, I want to customize what the […]

AngularJS – Reload ng-style background-image

I need to dynamically change the div’s ng-style background? div: <div ng-style=”{‘background-image’: ‘url({{candidate.image}})’}”> {{}} </div> controller: angular.module(“MyModule”) .controller(“MyController”, function($scope) { $scope.candidate = { “image” : “myurl.png”, “name” : “My Name” }; $scope.changeCandidate = function() { $scope.candidate = { “image” : “anotherurl.png”, “name” : “Another Name” }; }; }); When a button fires changeCandidate() function, the displayed name changed from My Name to Another Name but the background-image of ng-style remains the same Source: AngularJS

How to obtain states of form and Input fields in angularjs script without passing them from html?

I have written following code for performing validation of input fields. Here I pass the input field’s states from HTML to script through a function. But I need to just call the function without passing any parameters, and the values should be directly obtained in the script without being passed from the HTML. HTML Part: <form ng-submit=”LoginButton(LoginForm.$valid)” novalidate=”novalidate” name=”LoginForm”> <div class=”row”> <div class=”input-field col s12 center-align”> <input id=”username” type=”text” ng-model=”username” name=”username” required> <label for=”username”>User Name</label> […]

Divs inside panel displaying inline

In my angular app I have a bootstrap ‘panel-body’ class that features the two divs below which each wrap components that are user input fields. For some reason these divs are rendering inline as opposed to on separate lines. Why is this happening and how do I get the divs/components to render on separate lines? note: if I take out the divs and just have the components be there with no div wrapper, I get […]

JavaScript Redirect to URL after calling ng-click function

I have one below link <a ng-click=”logout()”><i class=”fa fa-sign-out” name=”sign-out”></i> Logout</a> I want that when I click on this link first they called their logout() function then they will redirect to the below page https://demo.testlab.local/ The problem is that client don’t want to change their code for logout() method. But I can ReWrite anything on this link only. So Is their any solution for this. Source: AngularJS

how to read form data using javascript?

This is the form data. <div> <form name=”payform” action=”pay.html” method=”POST”> <div> <input id=”customerName” name=”firstname” ng-model=”customerName” style=”display:none”/> <input style=”display:none” id=”txnid” name=”txnid” ng-model=”transactionid” /> <input type=”submit” name=”paybutton” id=”payit” /> </div> </form> </div> When i submit data the contents are posted to pay.html. How can I read those data using javascript on pay.html page? Source: AngularJS

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