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Ionic Contents is overlapping the tab menu

I have a page with various Ionic Items and menu tab at the bottom of the page. As the Ionic items increase it seems that it overlaps the tab menu bar as shown in the image. I can scroll page, but i would like to be able to limit the scrolling till the tab bar. […]

By user8400863
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How to resize text button on mobile perspective

I’m trying to resize a button in mobile perspective but its text doesn’t resize too. I’m trying to do it in mobile perspective. Maybe I should use flex in this case. The button how i’m resizing it HTML: <ng-container matColumnDef="acoes" style=" position: left;" > <button mat-stroked-button color="primary" (click)="gerarCertificado(inscricao)" class="width-button">GERAR CERTIFICADO<mat-icon class="md-15">play_arrow</mat-icon> </button> </ng-container> CSS: @media […]

By TendenciesD
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Argument of type ‘"content"’ is not assignable to parameter of type ‘TemplateRef<any>’.ts(2345)

I want to open a modal when I click on a button. But I cannot pass the template reference to my modal. In my nav.component.html <button *ngIf="!loggedIn" class="btn btn-outline-success ms-3" (click)="open()"> Sign Up </button> In nav.component.ts open() { this.modalShared.openModal(‘content’); } In my modal.component.ts import { Component, OnInit, TemplateRef, Input, Injectable } from ‘@angular/core’; import { […]

By Ridwan
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How to use the $(document).click function in Angularjs

I Have Input box <input type="text" ng-model="search.Search_Id" id="Search_Id" ng-click="search.showstroryuser()" ng-change="search.check_search()"> Html:<div class="search-result" ng-show="search.showstrory"></div> Angular Controller: app.controller(‘Search’, function ($scope) { let search = this; search.showstrory = false; search.check_search = function () { if (search.Search_Id == 0) { search.showstrory = true; } else { search.showstrory = false; } } search.showstroryuser = function () { search.showstrory = true; […]

By sunboy sunboy
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Gradient progress bar in angular

I am trying to make progress bar in my code. I am working on angular app. I have following code which is in Jquery. $(document).ready(function () { var dataval = parseInt($(‘.progress’).attr(“data-amount”)); if (dataval < 100) { $(‘.progress .amount’).css(“width”, 100 – dataval + “%”); } /*FOR DEMO ONLY*/ }); .progress { position: relative; height: 31px; background: […]

By Roma
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Arbitrarily run method during ngFor loop (Angular 5)

I have an angular page, where, during an *ngFor loop, I want to update a variable, then write it to the HTML during each iteration of the loop. Like so: HTML: <table *ngFor="let data of Dataset"> somehowRunThis(data) <div>{{methodResult}}</div> </table> TS: … methodResult: any; … somehowRunThis(data): { let a; … this.methodResult = a; } etc etc. […]

By BryB95
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Chrome not allowing to keep logged in iframe – Angular

I have 2 websites and I want to embbed one to another with automatically login. Everything goes fine when I’m using Mozilla Firefox. But when I change to Google Chrome, and access the page, It makes logoff. Does anyone know how to workaround this problem? I’m using Iframe tag and Angular V11. Thank you!! JS […]

Angular styles from styles.scss are not always being applied

I added a few CSS properties to different mat-buttons on my Angular 12 based website. In order to not accidentally apply these properties to all mat-buttons, but only to the ones I want to apply them to, I added a class to the buttons and used it to set the CSS properties like this: Component […]

By Chris
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javascript event not load when page component rendering in angular [closed]

I trying to integrate custom HTML them which have some CSS and js files with the angular project. I added CSS and js links to index.html file of angular and for the header, footer, and home page I created a component. but when I run my website in the browser js event does not load […]

By Killer God
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Correct way to scroll to dynamic angular page

I am searching for the correct way to correct to scroll in a page that will load dynamic information. These informations are asynchronous so to avoid my user seeing the whole page constructing itself I have a boolean flag like so : <div *ngIf="loaded"> … </div> My problem is that I want to scroll to […]

By Kevin Heirich
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