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Need help to generate multiple high charts in ng-repeat

I am able to generate one chart. But here there one situation where I need to generate multiple(one or more) charts. Please help me to it with ng-repeat. JSON data for multiple charts [ { “id”: 123, “seriesData”: [ { “name”: “Times”, “data”: [ [ 1505347200000, 20 ] ] }, { “name”: “Prices”, “data”: [ [ 1505347200000, 80 ] ] }, { “name”: “Cleaner”, “data”: [ [ 1505347200000, 40 ] ] }, { “name”: “Other”, […]

Highcharts-ng stock chart gives "TypeError: Cannot read property ‘hoverSeries’ of undefined" when loading data asynchronously

In my AngularJS app I’m using the custom directive ‘highcharts-ng’ to generate charts. I have a JSFiddle that creates a stock chart and works properly with scope-defined data, but throws an error when data are being fetched with $resource calls to a REST API (through a Factory): JSFiddle that works with scope-defined data For the REST-driven version, I have the following function for querying data: function getData(start, end) { return measurementsFactory .getMeasurements(start, end) .then(function(response) { […]