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How to export js_library to the build folder correctly with Gulp?

I have an app built with ionic and angular and a gulp file that should takes everything inside src/js and put it inside the www/js build folder. The problem is that it doesn’t take anything from the src/js. This is the code: var js_library = "./src/js/**/*.*" gulp.task(‘export_js_library’, function() { gulp.src(js_library) .pipe(gulp.dest(‘www/js/’)); }); Is my syntax […]

By Andrea D
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Angular Upgrade v5 to v9 – gulp webpack – Error: exited with error code: 1

I upgraded a project from Angular 5 to 9 (step by step, 5 > 6 > 7 > 8 > 9) and now when we build it for production I’m getting an error when running gulp webpack in terminal. I am not sure when this error may have appeared during the upgrade process since I […]

By thenomadicmann
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How to update an Angular JS (1.2.28) MEAN app to current Angular (12.2.8)?

I’m trying to help a friend update their app and run it locally. The app uses Bower (1.8.12), Gulp (3.8) and Express/MongoDB in the back end. The app only runs locally on an old mac computer. It seems to not run locally on newer computers and/or newer node versions. Below are the steps he used […]

By Miko
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Gulp – Fingerprint assets and replace the reference url’s in css and html file

In my project I want to fingerprint all the assets I have generated in www directory (add hasnames after the asset name), in order to avoid any caching. This is an old angular project. The script I have bellow works good, I am using a gulp script which fingerprints the assets. The problem and blocker […]

Babel – Requires Babel "^7.0.0-0", but was loaded with "6.26.3"

I have updated project dependencies but now I am getting this error when running my gulp script Requires Babel "^7.0.0-0", but was loaded with "6.26.3". If you are sure you have a compatible version of @babel/core, it is likely that something in your build process is loading the wrong version I have looked at the […]

By Alexandra
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Angularjs and Gulp getting error when running

Angular dependencies "jquery" : "2.1.4", "lodash": "3.10.0", "angular": "1.4.3", "angular-mocks": "1.4.3", "angular-cookies": "1.4.3", "angular-animate": "1.4.3", "angular-messages": "1.4.3", "ngstorageken":"*", "angular-ui-bootstrap-bower": "0.13.3", "angular-ui-router" : "0.2.15", "ng-table" : "0.8.3", "angular-dialog-service" : "4.2.0", "angular-block-ui" : "0.2.0", "angular-bindonce" : "0.3.3", "angular-sanitize" : "latest", "font-awesome-bower" : "4.3.0", "ng-file-upload" : "7.0.4", "angular-bowser" : "0.0.1", "d3" : "3.5.6", "nvd3" : "1.8.1", "angular-nvd3" : […]

By Hung Bang Quan
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Error from uglify in compress task Error in plugin ‘gulp-uglify’

[12:20:17] Finished ‘images’ after 12 s Error from uglify in compress task Error in plugin ‘gulp-uglify’ Message: D:projectsSourceappscriptsvendor.js: SyntaxError: Unexpected token: keyword (default) Details: fileName: D:projectsSourceappscriptsvendor.js lineNumber: 96908 [12:23:39] Finished ‘fonts’ after 3.55 min [12:23:49] Finished ‘jshint’ after 3.75 min I am getting above error on gulp Build. so far i have tried all solutions […]

By NoStressDeveloper
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Bootstrap Migrate 3 to 4 on Project Folder

I’ve a task file from which is mentioned to convert all BS3 to BS4 but no instructions on how to run. Is there a way it set to run over a Angular project structure to replace all BS# to BS4 Testapp >home.ts >home.html >home.css task file : let gulp = require(‘gulp’), replace = require(‘gulp-batch-replace’), […]

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How to upgrade from AngularJS to Angular with NgUpgrade and Gulp

I follow this tutorial : to make a upgrade of a website using AngularJS 1.7 to the latest Angular. But I don’t use the same module bundler like in the tutorial (Webpack). I use Gulp 3.9.1. So I use the gulp plugin "gulp-typescript" to compile my file "main.ts" into a JS file. Until this […]

How to execute gulp taks from angular application?

I want to access Virtual Machine with the help of gulp tasks. I have written my tasks, and now I want to run that when I hit submit button on my Angular form. Is there any way that we can execute gulp tasks from Angular component? Below is example: Is it possible to achieve? var […]

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