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Why is session storage being drawn upon between different browser instances?

how to Why is session storage being drawn upon between different browser instances? Background In an application I’m working on, I’ve found that I can define values in sessionStorage in Chrome 62 on Windows 10, and that apparently changing that value in one tab affects other tabs that point to the same key. I was operating under the assumption that localStorage is supposed to persist information across all browser windows, while sessionStorage is only supposed […]

angularjs on back always scroll to bottom only on chrome

how to angularjs on back always scroll to bottom only on chrome from yesterday on chrome my website occured to the following issue on back alway scrolls to bottom but this was working fine , and i did not change something. the strange thing that on firefox works perfect. The issue is that when someone click back button it goes to bottom of the website but this was working before.. i am using angularjs (angularjs-1.6.0) […]

AngularJS – .Get requests caching API output

how to AngularJS – .Get requests caching API output I have a strange problem. I am working on a frontend for an application in AngularJS, there was a bug on the API which we patched. However, my AngularJS call is still getting the old data that the API output before the fix. If I browse to that API endpoint in chrome I get the correct output, however, when looking at the network tab in developer […]

‘Aw snap!’ – How does Chrome use memory? My angular app keeps crashing

how to ‘Aw snap!’ – How does Chrome use memory? My angular app keeps crashing This is a general question I am trying to understand. I have an application that keeps running into out of memory issue. I’ve profiled the app extensively for memory leak issues with the dev-tools performance and memory tabs and memory usage is pretty consistent. My conclusion is that my app itself was taking up a lot of memory and causing […]

AngularJS: ng-click working in Firefox but not in chrome

Hello I’m trying to bind a click event to a function in my controller using ng-click. it works fine in Firefox, but in chrome nothing happens. When I look at the console no error appear. Here is my html: <div ng-controller=”localTripsCreatorController” ng-switch=”currentPage”> <div ng-switch-when=”generalInfo”> <!–first page–> </div> <div ng-switch-when=”program”> <!–second page–> </div> <div> <button ng-click=”previous()” class=”btn btn-normal”>Précédant</button> <button ng-click=”next()” class=”btn btn-normal” style=”float: right”>Suivant</button> </div> here is my javascript : dashboardApp.controller(‘localTripsCreatorController’,function($scope){ console.log(“I’m outside click event”); $ […]

HTML Comments without DOCTYPE

I’m running into a config issue with a Angular/AMP setup that I’m trying to debug. I have a hunch on what the problem could be, but I’m having trouble verifying if some compilers might misunderstand a HTML comments without <!DOCTYPE html> present (which is an issue in itself). To provide a simple overview of the page I’m working with, the site renders something like the below within the DOM on the none AMP page (note […]

open angular index.html from chrome extension

i’m trying to set a page which opens after clicking on my chrome extension button to the path of – chrome-extension://–my extension id–/history The code for this configuartion in background.js: chrome.browserAction.onClicked.addListener(function(activeTab){ chrome.tabs.create({ ‘url’: ‘history’}); }); i’m using an angular framework and I have a main file of index.html which runs all the scripts and init the app. How to connect the index.file to the code above? The only method that the app worked for me […]

Record capybara headless chrome tests

I’m using Headless Chrome to run my Capybara tests for an AngularJS 1.5/Rails 3.2 application. How do I record the tests into a video format? I found this very useful when using the headless gem but now I’ve changed to headless chrome I cannot use the headless gem. Here is my setup of headless chrome; Capybara.register_driver(:headless_chrome) do |app| caps = chromeOptions: { prefs: { ‘download.default_directory’ => “#{Rails.root}/tmp/downloads”, ‘download.directory_upgrade’ => true, ‘download.prompt_for_download’ => false, ‘plugins.plugins_disabled’ […]

Loading local JSON file error : Cross origin requests on chrome for AngularJS

I am currently trying to load in a JSON file which is being uploaded from a local directory via file upload input. This is how I am doing it: var path= document.getElementById(‘path’).value; path = “data/” + path.match(/[^/]*$/)[0]; $http({ method: ‘GET’, url: path }) .then(function(success) { console.log(success); }, function(error) { console.log(error); }); This works completely fine on firefox and it loads the data but I am getting this error on Chrome. Cross origin requests are only […]

Can’t remove border of input element

I am using Chrome. I am using Materialize CSS (in an Angular app). I can’t remove the blue border that surrounds my number input on focus. I have tried many variations of the below, as well as some I have certainly left out in my repetition. input:focus, input { outline: none; outline-style: none; box-shadow: none; border-color: transparent; border: solid 2px transparent; } Please, what have I missed? Source: AngularJS

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