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Can’t remove border of input element

I am using Chrome. I am using Materialize CSS (in an Angular app). I can’t remove the blue border that surrounds my number input on focus. I have tried many variations of the below, as well as some I have certainly left out in my repetition. input:focus, input { outline: none; outline-style: none; box-shadow: none; border-color: transparent; border: solid 2px transparent; } Please, what have I missed? Source: AngularJS

Chrome Extension save password

How does Google Chrome detect if a user is logging into a website for example when you login into Facebook and asks if you want to save password I’m trying to make an extension when a user log in to websites to ask the user if they what to save the password Thank you Source: AngularJS

JavaScript listeners keep increasing

I implemented a web application and monitored the performance with the google developer tools. I notice that the listeners keep increasing and so is the heap. The part where the listeners are increasing looks something like this let ival = $interval(function () { $http.get(‘someurl’) // this call is actually done through a service, don’t know if that matters }, 1000) I would understand if the heap grows because of some data not beeing collected by […]

Chrome network Timing , how to improve Content Download

I was checking for XHR calls timing in Chrome DevTools to improve slow requests but I found out that 99% of the response time is wasted on content download even though the content size is less than 5 KB and the application is running on localhost(Working on my local machine so no Network issues). But when replaying the call using Replay XHR menu, the Content download period drops dramatically from 2.13 s to 2.11 ms(as […]

My AngularJS page stuck mobile version and google chrome console not show any error message

Our angularjs website got stuck as freeze and while google chrome developer console not showing any error message when I browsing my website with mobile view in Google chrome like that: Testing scenario is when I’ve changed to mobile view and click on All top companies hiring today orange button located at the bottom, then click on one of companies there. Then, click logo of our website went got stuck as freeze. Please help me […]

How to disable native datepicker in android chrome on galaxy s4

I’ve run into a strange and peculiar issue recently. I’m working on a website (angular, wp, scss) dhat uses custom date pickers. My date pickers are done and working. Like a charm. With the unfortunate exception of Samsung Galaxy S4 running Chrome 33 – date picker works there, but whenewer I open it, generic selector also shows up. It’s not full date picker, but single choice radio button thingie labeled Date & Time. What’s funny […]

use sha for CSP in chrome app for inline <script> tag (angular)

I meet a problem using angular in Chrome app because of CSP violation. I tried to add hash to inline tag, but app dont recognise CSP manifest key There were warnings when trying to install this extension: *Unrecognized manifest key ‘Content-Security-Policy’. The part of the code, which making a problem is <script>System.import(‘main.js’).catch(function(err){ console.error(err); });</script> Manifest.js { “name”: “test-app”, “version”: “0.1”, “description”: “Test.”, “manifest_version”: 2, “minimum_chrome_version”: “40.0.2213.0”, “app”: { “background”: { “scripts”: [“background.js”] } }, “permissions”: […]