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Why are the width and height of a element directive calculated as 0?

On a project I’m currently working on, I have directives with restrict: ‘E’. At some point in my app, I need to know the hight of one of these directives but no matter how I try to determine the width and height of the directive, I always get 0. I’ve found some similar questions, but the solutions didn’t help as the questions were primarily about finding the height/height of $element inside the directive controller/linker. In […]

Angular UI-router state transition being superseded in Chrome while perfectly working in other browsers

I’m working on an AngularJS (1.5x) application in which a person can view a user’s profile when they’re logged out, logged in their personal account and also when they’re logged into their business account. To handle this, I have the following state definition – angular.forEach([‘app.public’, ‘app.user’, ‘’], function(parentState) { var viewInState = null; if (parentState == ‘app.user’ || parentState == ‘’) { viewInState = ‘app.user’; } else if (parentState == ‘app.public’) { viewInState = ‘app.public’; […]

dateTime is changing on frontend application (angularjs 1.x.x)

My frontend application is running for months, and every thing was ok, until this week, when the problem started. And this problem is only on google chrome, in the firefox, every thing is ok. My frontend web application use angularjs 1.x, with angularjs $resource to requests and moment to manipulate date. The problem is with dateTime, apparently the google chrome is changing it in random way. Here is the responsive from backend API (it is […]

Chrome displaying the previous data even after reloading the page

I am working on a single page application. And I have one page which makes a server requests when ever that page is loaded. I made some changes and deployed on the server. But when I am using the live version application, it’s not reflecting the changes and whatever the changes I made it’s updating in the database but after reloading it’s again displaying the old records. This is not happening on local environment. The […]

Stop Chrome offering to save the contents of an input as the users password

I’ve got a web application that uses a two page authentication process: Capture the username and password from the user ( Capture three characters from the users “memorable word” ( Submit the details to the server via the AngularJS $http service (POST) Process the response and either continue to step 3, or repeat step 2 Redirect user to their home page ( The second step currently consists of three single character text fields (<input type=”password” […]

Call Web API in AngularJS (with CORS) works in Desktop Browsers but not in Chrome on Android

First of all when user sign in he gets a custom authorization token (base64) and after that this token must be included in our custom HTTP header (X-Custom-Auth) for calling other Web APIs. It works in any browsers I have tested but not in Chrome on my android phone! In android chrome when I press Signin button it actually does everything correct and even the authorization token is received, It’s stored in local session and […]

AngularJS Memory Leak, even in basic code

I have inherited an AngularJS project which apparently has a memory leak in it. In production, it’s bad enough to crash a browser if enough instances are run, which can happen. I’ve read a lot about leaks in Javascript in the last couple of days, as well as pitfalls in AngularJS. I’ve still not been able to find the leak, unfortunately. Doing what I might do in C, I got the program down to almost […]

application not working after chrome update to version 66 but works in firefox and edge

link to error message2 days back google chrome automatically updated to version 66. Since then my site which was running perfectly stopped working in google chrome. But it works perfectly in firefox and edge. So i started debugging in google chrome, then i found that the problem is with ajax calls. So initially for the main page, many ajax call will be hit. in that list of calls ,the last call executes the success part […]

AngularJS Web Application – Performance Issue (Chrome / Firefox)

High level Architecture AngularJS -> REST API -> Middleware -> MySQL DB Deployment Setup NGINX -> Tomcat -> Middleware (3rd Party BPM solution) -> MySQL DB NGINX Reverse Proxy to Tomcat -> Tomcat (Web Service Layer) -> BPM (Middleware) Response time for XHR based requests across different browsers in the same system (Windows 10 Pro 64 bit OS) varies Chrome – 8-12 seconds Firefox – 1-4 seconds Refer the screenshot for the time taken in […]

angular not rendering text in chrome

HTML code <div><div class=”progress-bar”></div> <script type=”text/javascript”> $(‘.progress-bar’).gradientProgressBar({ value : 0.5, size : 220, fill : { gradient : [ “plum”, “palegreen”, “yellow” ] } }); </script> <div><label>{{myText}}</label></div> Same code is working on Firefox and IE but not on Chrome. Please refer image Firefox result Chrome result Source: AngularJS

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