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How to deploy AngularJS 1.0 static application to Heroku or Github Pages [on hold]

How can I deploy AngularJS 1.0 static application to Heroku or Github. I have searched it extensively on the web and it either doesn’t work or not applicable in my case. Deploy using Node.js (Not applicable as I am not using Node.js) Deploy using Grunt (Not working) Deploy using Angular CLI build creation (Not applicable in my case) I just can not find how to build AngularJS 1.0 application Source: AngularJS

Skilltree Webapp with AngularJS and Jekyll

I am looking to build a skilltree for a pen and paper website as a webapp and I took a (quick) look into AngularJS with which I think this might work. But in the design phase I found some problems with which I hope you can help me (with links, tutorials or ideas)! I am using github pages and jekyll so, does that even work with angularJS? I want to build something like the “Path […]