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How to change TaigaUI tab color?

How to change color theme including the background color and active element color of <tui-tabs>. (in an Angular project) Thanks in advance. Source: Angular Questions

By Capmu
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Switching from React/Angular to Blazor [closed]

If you have switched from React/Angular to Blazor, I would be grateful if you could share your feedback here. What were the benefits you gained or the benefits you lost? Are you happy or not? Source: Angular Questions

By Armin Kianian
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Trello like horizontal scrolling on mouse drag in angular

Does Angular offer a way to implement horizontal scrolling on mouse down/drag? Thus far, I have tried all the related solutions but have not found the closest one to my desired approach! Source: Angular Material Quesions

How can I use for="" attribute on <mat-label> in angular

I am implementing accessibility on my application. I am using "aria-label" and "aria-labelledby", in addition to that I want to use for="" attribute on the label as well. It works fine with "label". My question is, would it work the same on "mat-label" or not? Source: Angular Material Quesions

How to get an API time range in Angular?

I have an object in which I receive a range of hours, that range of hours in the frontend must be filtered based on a place and based on days. This is the object: Schedules: { 0: days: { 0: "MO" 1: "TU" 2: "WE" 3: "TH" 4: "FR" length: 5} finalTimeStr: "05:00 pm" initialTimeStr: […]

By Izlia
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Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘showChart’)

I’m new to Angular and tried to display the chart using ng2-charts from statistic showChart() to be called in building but it keeps giving me this error, it can’t read the showChart(). So when I clicked one of the rooms, it should show the its own statistic Can someone detect what’s the prob? statistic.component.ts export […]

By hellow
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Error in importing single module of ng-bootstrap on angular

I tried to import only a single module of NgbModule which is NgbAccordionModule at favorite.component.ts import { Component, OnInit, NgModule } from ‘@angular/core’; /mport { NgbAccordionModule} from ‘@ng-bootstrap/ng-bootstrap’; @Component({ selector: ‘favorite’, templateUrl: ‘./favorite.component.html’, styleUrls: [‘./favorite.component.css’], }) @NgModule({ imports: [NgbAccordionModule] }) export class FavoriteComponent implements OnInit { constructor() { } ngOnInit(): void { } } And […]

¿How to change the label color in Chartjs & Angular

I want to change the color of the label for adapt it to the color of my website Foto of all the line chart public lineChartData: ChartDataSets[] = [ { data: [], label: ‘Valor Importación país 1’ }, { data: [], label: ‘Valor Importación país 2’ } ]; public lineChartLabels: Label[] = []; public lineChartOptions […]

By Alvaromasa1
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Angular – Setup Base Route Parameters for app-routing

Working on an Angular v12 application. Goal is to add /countryCode to the base url of the application so whenever the domain name is opened it automatically sends to domainName/countryCode. The country code will be added either from localStorage if it was chosen previously (if it exists in the localStorage) otherwise a default country code […]

Providing IE11 support in Angular 13

Google has removed IE11 support in Angular 13. In the company that I work for, we have to keep IE11 support for the next few months due to contractual obligations. As it’s unclear what is the extent of removed "IE11 related code" from the framework, we are wondering if it’s doable in practice to provide […]

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