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Category: flexbox

Calculate the number of flexbox items in a wrapped row

Is there a way to determine how many items would be laid out in a row by flexbox (wrap) given the number of elements in it, the size of the view port and the min width I’ve specified? I want to dynamically add empty boxes at the end of the flexbox layout on resize (I’ve given up on a CSS solution). Reason: I have a series of flexbox layouts with a “break” in between. – […]

AngularJS + Bootstrap flexBox incompatible?

Attempting to have “flex” as the display should line the elements together, but it does not for some odd reason. I tested my work for the past 4 days on simple syntax. Double checked for syntax error, misspellings, and broke down all css to core html elements when testing this. Decided to open a new directory to test my base knowledge of flex box, same setup with parent and children divs, and it works. The […]