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Problems in setting up a basic Ionic/Firebase2 APP

how to Problems in setting up a basic Ionic/Firebase2 APP I am trying to setup the CRUD sample app described in Josh Morony’s blog I am facing two problems which I believe are related to the configuration of my environment and the versions of the various package I have installed. I already tried to clear the cache of nom and then run “npm update”, but nothing has changed. Problem 1. I reached the point […]

Ionic 3 with Firebase reCaptcha in a browsertab & redirect back to application

I’m trying to implement signInWithPhoneNumber using firebase, I’ve successfully managed it on a browser but due to ionic not being recognized as a known platform, it can’t render the recaptcha on the application. So I was forced to use an alternative, I created a site with firebase hosting which implements the recaptcha & using the browsertab native plugin from Google to open that link. Now my question is how do I get the response from […]

AngularJS and Firebase Uniqie Child ID

My Firebase DB is like on the Left Side of this picture and i wanted to make just like on the right side how do i do that? btw im still learning firebase and angularjs the problem is i dont know how to use the push key function in database and i can’t seem to find another way around it This is my current JS code for it. angular.module(“webApp.addCourse”,[‘ngRoute’,’firebase’]) .config([‘$routeProvider’,function($routeProvider){ $routeProvider .when(‘/addCourse’,{ templateUrl:”addCourse/addCourse.html”, controller:”AddCourseCtrl” }); […]

fetching table with child in firebase database gives many instances of same object

I have my API here: findById(id: string): Promise<any> { return this.db.list(‘/users’).$ref.orderByChild(‘id’).equalTo(id) .once(‘value’); } And its caller here: this.usersService.findById(value) .then(snap => { snap.forEach(e => { console.log(e.val()); }); }).catch(err => { console.log(err) }); In my database I have only 2 users (users the tables not the authenticated ones). When I run my app (my Angular 4 page) I see a lot of the same object logged: Here: My question is why is there so many instances of […]

Firebase Call to the dynamic Reference not giving proper output

i am creating a chat application for the browser using angular 1 and ionic 1 here is my controller and view for that the problem is when the new message comes in the selected room which is current room watch variable and below console giving me proper output but that same method getting called twice giving me proper output at fist call but after that he gives me main node output. $scope.firstLoad=”; $scope.directLoad=”; $scope.text = […]

Ionic is throwing error after uploading build file to Firebase host

i am trying to upload ionic web app on browser. i used ionic build browser –prod –release the code successfully build. then i deployed app using firebase deploy the app also successfully uploaded. now when i try to login it shows error in browser console ERROR Error: Uncaught (in promise): TypeError: Cannot read property ‘call’ of undefined TypeError: Cannot read property ‘call’ of undefined at __webpack_require__ (main.js:50) at eval (C:/Users/allud/Code/webApp/src_lazy:44) at t.invoke (polyfills.js:3) at Object.onInvoke […]

Angular Module not available when using $(document).ready()

I’m getting a curious error similar to some other posts, but I haven’t been able to remedy. I’m using jQuery’s document.ready() to ensure that all the buttons are loaded before referencing my local Javascript file that includes an AngularJS front-end incorporated with Firebase and Angularfire. I’m getting the following error in the console that typically accompanies an Angular controller with an unreferenced or uninitialized dependency injection: Error: [$injector:nomod] Module ‘myApp’ is not available! You either […]

Firebase & Angular: get the tournament with less than 16 subscribers

I am new to Firebase and currently working on a website. I want to access my Firebase database, more specifically the tournaments section with ‘knockout’ subsection. In this subsection I would like to find and return the tournament with a property ‘number’ of which the value is lower than 16. If there is one then I would like to add a new subscriber to that tournament. If there isn’t any, I would like to add […]

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