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Close the `loader` here if I need to use the Real-time feature as well as an `async` pipe on the template

Can you tell me how to close the loader here if I need to use the Real-time feature as well as an async pipe on the template? Since it has a real-time feature it doesn’t work with finalize operator i.e. never completes. So any clue here, please. component.ts private getAlerts(loader: HTMLIonLoadingElement): void { this.alertsChanged$ = […]

How to get a list of files from FireBase Storage using AngularFire

I’ve got an Angular 12 app that is using Firebase storage to store some files in a directory. I implemented the integration with Firebase using the AngularFire solution. The docs on how to use the AngularFire storage functions don’t seem to include how to list all files in a directory. There are some docs on […]

Can’t get data using orderBy from Firestore in descending order

I am trying to get data from Firestore in an descending order, but it always returns no data. I use the following query: const query = this.db .firestore.collection(‘tasks’) .where(‘to’, ‘==’, this.getUserPhoneNumber()) .where(‘accepted’, ‘==’, true) .where(‘finalized’, ‘==’, null) .orderBy(‘createdAt’, ‘desc’) .startAfter(doc ? doc : 0) .limit(this.pageElements); I have configured the indexes in Firestore like this: tasks […]

How to overcome the problems in my situation?

I would like to consult you about my job. I was hired by some investor to solely work on some angular/Firebase CRM/ERP system. The project was built by unknown number of people before me and it took 7 years to develop the system from scratch. When this investor offered me the job, I was tricked […]

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How to implement Interceptors for Firebase?

I am using AngularFire2 in my Angular project, and I would like to exploit the power of HTTP Interceptors for my calls made from the Firebase SDK (particularly for Firestore). Is there any way for me to use Angular HTTP Interceptors to do so? If not, do I have another option, such as a Firebase […]

By arcrub
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FIREBASE WARNING: Using an unspecified index. Your data will be downloaded and filtered on the client

@firebase/database: FIREBASE WARNING: Using an unspecified index. Your data will be downloaded and filtered on the client. Consider adding ".indexOn": "status" at /groups/test/leadPropertyInformations to your security rules for better performance. Firebase RTD Rules { "rules": { ".read": "auth != null", ".write": "auth != null", "groups": { ".indexOn": ["leadPropertyInformations/status"] } } } JSON Tree Note: You […]

Firebase onDisconnect not always working, users are still online

I’m trying to display all users connected or "away" of my app. 90% of the time it works fine but sometimes they are users that leaves and they are still marked as online, I can’t find why. As far as I know desktop app works better than mobile (but it can be wrong on desktop) […]

By trachnar
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Angular + Google Identity Platform multi-tenancy

I have an Angular app that currently uses Firebase auth and Firebase hosting. I’m considering moving to Google Identity Platform with multi-tenancy. In this scenario a tenant ID must be passed to the auth object in the Angular app. My question is how we can find the appropriate tenant ID dynamically. If we used subdomain […]

By user814425
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Angular use of tokens when writing/reading from firebase rules-protected data

The question: What is the model for using auth tokens to read/write from Firebase data? Long form question: I have successfully logged-in to Firebase and I have a set of auth token data in response to that login. I presume that when I do an http.get() or http.patch() to the Firebase document, I need to […]

By Paul Mullen
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Load testing Angular app with Firebase on BlazeMeter throws lots of ‘Unknown SID’ errors

We’ve built an Angular app using Ionic Capacitor, which uses Firestore as its backend. It’s pretty stable and runs nicely on the browser and on the device with no issues. We decided to load test it. So we used BlazeMeter and set up a test for 20 instances doing something fairly simple, but we consistently […]

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