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rm command to remove Angular build files but keep other directories/files

I would need to delete Angular build files and ‘/assets’ folder but keep other files in the directory. What would be best command line solution for this? Following should stay: /api /boardapi /thumbnails .htaccess robots.txt Source: Angular Questions

By Tanel J e r
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Change .reduce function to .find using angular

I want to use .find in .reduce const { itemId, jobIds } =<{ itemId: string; jobIds: string[]; }>( (acc, curr) => { return { …acc, itemId: curr.asRFQYardId, jobIds: curr.jobsList .filter((item) => item.isSelected) .map((item) => item.jobDDId) }; return acc; }, { itemId: ”, jobIds: [] } ); Have you any idea please? Source: Angular Questions

By lona bin
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Angular – find in page content, highlight and jump to location in page (like in vscode)

Need to highlight the word that is been searched and jump to the word location(Next-Previous), without add tags like that exist here (ctrl+F) find in page content Source: Angular Questions

By afm7
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How can i see/find the number of angular components in my app, with IntelliJ IDE?

I would like to count the number of angular components with IntelliJ IDE. I used ‘find in files’ search tool with terms "export class" but it includes more than components files. Thanks =) Etienne. Source: Angular Questions

By EtienneU
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hi i am getting error in using find function in angular "cannot read property find of undefined

hi I am trying to display details of a particular id. the details are present in the global variable called ‘list’ of a service. the id I am getting through route parameters. the details I need to store in a variable named ‘editexpense’. here is my component . ngOnInit(): void { this.a_route.params.subscribe((params)=>this.expense_id=params.Expense_id); this.editexpense=this.expense_ser.list.find((expense)=>expense.Expense_id==this.expense_id) } Source: […]

By Sulo
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Create new array using 2 arrays with Map function in Angular

Is there an efficient way of creating a new array from 2 arrays? var employees1 = [ { id: 11, name: ‘joe’ }, { id: 12, name: ‘mike’ }, { id: 13, name: ‘mary’ }, { id: 14, name: ‘anne’ } ]; var employees2 = [ { id: 11, message: ‘test1’ }, { id: 12, […]

By obautista
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Creating array based on value – Angular 2

I’ve created list of devices where after user will click one of the devices then should appear another select box with variant of this devices. HTML: <div class="device" *ngFor="let p of selectedDevice;"> <img class="mx-auto d-block" src="assetsrepair{{p.imgValue}}.png"> <p>{{p.text}}</p> </div> <select class="custom-select" (change)="variants($"> <option class="text-center" value="1" selected>Choose device type</option> <option class="text-center" value="{{}}" *ngFor="let p of selectedDeviceDetails;" >{{p.type}}</option> […]

By Forey
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