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Search filter with regex stuck my search filter and It does work without refresh?

I am searching for patient through my search filter.It worked in simple case but when I search with sabir it stuck and after removing the searchText sabir It does not work.It doesn’t generate the request next time.How do I handle sabir in angular2. Thanks in advance Here is code snippet Url which does work and does not work? work “” Does not work “” I am using this function for handling the Url. ValidURL(str):boolean { […]

Filtering list items with ng-repeat from a selection/de-selection of a combination of checkboxes

I have a list of items which are frequently updated, based on changes to a price property. If the price of an item falls below a certain value (below 5) that item has a ‘selected’ property set to true and displayed in the results table (filtered on the selected property). ng-repeat=”item in dataPrices | filter: {selected:true}” I want to add a series of checkboxes which, based on the selection/de-selection of a combination of checkboxes used […]

Filter table after click data AngularJS

I need to filter table – after click name in the list: <ul ng-repeat=”f in filter”> <li ng-model=””> <a class=”left-menu-link”> {{f}} </a> </li> </ul> The table should list only that name which I chose. My plunker: // Code goes here var app = angular.module(‘app’, []); app.controller(‘FirstCtrl’, function($scope) { $ = [{ “name”: “afdfg Nixon”, “system”: “System Architect” }, { “name”: “sdfasdfas”, “system”: “System Architect” }, { “name”: “ggg Nigadfgxon”, “system”: “System Architect” }, { […]