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angularjs notification like facebook

I’ve already finished my mean stack project but now i want to add a notification service, but i don’t know where to start. I already read some tutorials but they’re too confusing for me. routes.js‘/usersv2’, function (req, res) { var user = new Userv2(); user.userId = req.body.userId; user.password = req.body.password; user.firstname = req.body.firstname; user.lastname = req.body.lastname; user.address = req.body.address; user.contactInfo = req.body.contactInfo; =; user.department = req.body.department; user.position = req.body.position; user.emploID = req.body.emploID; […]

Angular Facebook Share Integration. Not showing Open Graph properties (og:title, og:image) as expected?

I’m using Facebook v2.10 integrated to my angular application. There is a page which has dynamically changing content. Each content has a title, description, and an image URL. My objective is to share those content on facebook via facebook Sharing option. I have done 2 different approaches and still not able to achieve my objective. 1.) Via dynamically updating relevant og meta tags, using angular emit and on events. The code in the main HTML […]

Facebook native ad with ionic v1 ios

I have a legacy project using ionic v1. I need to integrate a native Facebook ad into the project so it will scroll with content. I see plugins and ionic solutions for ionic v2, but not v1. Has anyone added a facebook native ad to an ionic v1 app? Any insight would really be appreciated!!! Source: AngularJS

How to access meta OpenGraph with Sails Js?

I build a website using Sails js and Angularjs and I want to create facebook share button but I found a problem, it seems they cannot read my meta:og in my layout.ejs file. I am using but the result is : Inferred Property The ‘og:image’ property should be explicitly provided, even if a value can be inferred from other tags. Missing Properties The following required properties are missing: og:url, og:type, og:title, og:image, og:description, fb:app_id […]

Why I should extract three times the infromation from Facebook crawler to get my site information

I have a site made with AngularJS where in order to get the right information from Facebook to share the link, I need to go first to Facebook crawler and extract the information three times before getting the right data. The first time, I get the default information The second time I get the title and the description of the specific page, but not the image. The third time I get the full information (including […]

Authentication angularfire2 and Routes

I’m a beginner angular programmer, I’m doing an app with authentication with social network (Facebook & Google). in the logincomponent.ts indicates me an error, at the part “signInWithFacebook() “this.firebaseAuth.signInWithFacebook()” Property ‘signInWithFacebook’ does not exist on type ‘AngularFireAuth’. and the “this.router.navigate([‘dashboard’])” Property ‘router’ does not exist on type ‘AuthService’.any. I show the codes for if anybody helps me. Thanks for your comments. auth.service.ts import { Injectable } from ‘@angular/core’; import { Router } from ‘@angular/router’; import […]

ngFacebook does not load work in angular and throws "can’t load URL" error

My code is as shown below: app.js angular.module(‘quflipMobWeb’, [ ‘’, ‘quflipMobWeb.controllers’, ‘quflipMobWeb.login’, ‘quflipMobWeb.homeController’, ‘ngRoute’, ‘ngFacebook’ ]). config([‘$routeProvider’, ‘$locationProvider’, ‘$facebookProvider’, function($routeProvider, $locationProvider, $facebookProvider) { $routeProvider. when(“/home”, { templateUrl: “template/home.html”, controller: “homeController” }). when(“/login”, { templateUrl: “template/login.html”, controller: “loginController” }). otherwise({ redirectTo: ‘/login’ }); $facebookProvider.setAppId(‘id’).setPermissions([’email’, ‘user_friends’]); }]) .run([‘$rootScope’, ‘$window’, function($rootScope, $window) { (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); = id; js.src = “//”; fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); }(document, ‘script’, […]