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Best way to export large chunks of data

I am working in angularjs . I want to export many thousands of records from the database. The aim is to export and import also the data in the best and fastest way possible. I have done some R&D and found that few of the available options are excel , flat files, json , xml. Now I am bit confused which is the best option to integrate with angularjs and will give the best results […]

Modify the downloaded excel file using angularJS [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: Binary files corrupted – How to Download Binary Files with AngularJS 2 answers I am trying to download the excel file using Angularjs.I am able to do that but in downloaded excel file data format is not good. How can i modify the format of my excel file like i am not able to make the header bold and maintain the column width appropriate. Below is my working […]

Pre Download Filter to prevent duplicate records being downloaded?

Hello Folks i have a python flask app(Angular JS for UI) that has a button which when clicked simply downloads an excel file , the problem is that the downloaded file contains exactly 2 duplicates of all records, i have applied unique filter in Angular but still the problem occurs. Thanks in Advance <div class=”col-lg-3 col-sm-3 col-md-3 col-xs-12″> <label class=”selected”>Item *</label> <select class=”form-control” ng-model=”filters.item” ng-options=”i.item as i.item for i in filter_data | unique:’item’ | orderBy:’item'” […]

Suggestion Required | Export to Excel | Feature

We are using Java, Spring, Web-logic combination for RESTful services and also we have front end in Angular Js (client-side) Q: Which is the best choice to implement export to excel feature, client-side or back-end service side? Feature: Client will have access to front end and need to export the results in excel format Thanks in Advance! Source: AngularJS

NodeJs send excel file in the response with excelbuilder

After personalizing the content, I am creating an excel sheet with the following code in NodeJs (ok) { if (!ok) workbook.cancel(); else console.log(‘Workbook saved successfully’); This saves the workbook on my server side successfully. Now I want to send this to the Angular client side. I try to send it with the following code: __parentDir = path.dirname(process.mainModule.filename); res.sendFile(__parentDir + ‘/timesheet.xlsx’); When I run it in the browser, the file is downloading successfully. But when […]

How to write on XLSX file using Javascript Array

I need suggestion on how to make a XLSX file using (Javascript array or JSON) and Style Object. I am already using alasql for generating the XLS file. But on opening of that file some advisory message is coming (verify that the file is not corrupted…). The code i am using is $scope.items = [{name: “nikki”, sur: 1001, pos: ”, data5 : “FSSS SDFGFD “,data6 : 323}] var mystyle = { sheetid: ‘MyFile’, headers: true, […]

How to export same size images from html table to excel

I am facing some issues in exporting the image from html table. when I clicked on export button to download the html table as excel file. The downloaded xls file has different size of image. I want to export the images with the size as in the html table. I am using following code, please give suitable suggestions regarding the problem. any other suggestion are also helpful. <style> table,th,td { border:2px solid red; border-collapse:collapse; } […]

Export JSON data to Excel file using angularjs and nodejs

I am reading a excel worksheet in JSON format. I want the JSON data to be written on to another excel(.xlsx) file. I am using xlsx and file saver node package. this.excelToJsonSpecificColumns = function (workbook, sheetName, headers, startColRange, endColRange, callBack) { var data = ”; var err = ”; var spreadsheet = ”; var excelBuffer = ”; try { // read from a file var worksheet = workbook.Sheets[sheetName]; var range = excel.utils.decode_range(worksheet[‘!ref’]); range.s.c = startColRange; […]

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