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Downloaded two main-es2015 file on page load

On refreshing an angular application. In the network tab on filter able to see main-es2015 being shown as downloaded(Duplicate scriptenter image description here) Source: Angular Questions

Browser tab knows when it has been duplicated

I want my browser tab to know when it has been duplicated. The only similar solutions I’ve seen focus on just the duplicated tab knowing it’s been duplicated or the original tab knowing it’s been duplicated but this only works on Chrome. Requirements: Solution works on all modern browsers Bonus if the solution: Works on […]

Cannot redeclare block-scoped variable ‘Zone’ in zone.d.ts file after update angular to version ^12

after updating angular version v11 to latest ^v12 I received the following error,I was looking for duplicate node_modules folder but … couldn`t found anything. Source: Angular Questions

angular remove duplicates in an observable

In this mat-option i’m tryng to show data from an observable i subscribed to. <mat-option *ngFor="let option of (filteredCustomer | async)?.Items" [value]="option" (onSelectionChange)="searchDest($event)"> {{option.Cityname}} </mat-option> The name of the observable is filteredCustomer. Now in the mat option i’m tryng to show city names. Thats the result. Los Angeles Boston Detroit Los Angeles Washington Los Angeles […]

how to block duplicates while pushing data into an array of objects using ng-repeat in angularjs

I am trying add div elements dynamically using ng-repeat. <div class="dynamicRow"> <div class="col-sm-6"> <input class="form-control" ng-disabled="true" type="text" ng-model=’’ id=’item-{{$index}}’ class=’input-{{$index}}’/> </div> </div> </div> If I use ng-repeat with track by, it is not allowing duplicates but once i get the duplicate exception, after that i am not able to add any new item as […]

Using push() method and indexOf() method to remove/check duplicate dates from an array in AngularJS1

Iam able to pull EPOCH dates and convert them into a string successfully, however what I previously coded didnt check or remove duplicates. Anyone has an idea of what I can add to do so? In this case, the timestamp is the EPOCH date I pulled form the live data! ANGULARJS1 for (i = 0; […]

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