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Hide option list if list is empty in ng-select

I need to hide the option list of ng-select if the list is empty. Now if I click on the select box, or the searched result is empty, then option list with this No items found values is displaying. I don’t need this feature. Instead I need to hide the option list. <ng-select class="selectable_input" placeholder="PLZ […]

Cascade Dropdown in Angular Reactive Form

For the cascading dropdown, On changing the country, the state value must be reset. How can i achieve that ? This is what i did forked demo Source: Angular Questions

change text area value when select (dropdown) changes using Typescript (Angular6)

I have an issue trying to change the text area value depending on dropdown selection. This is the dialog design: The code I implemented for it is as follows: <div class="modal-content"> <div class="modal-header"> <h5>Send Text Message</h5> </div> <div class="sub-title"> <b>SELECT MESSAGE TEMPLATE:</b> </div> <form> <div> <select name="textmessage" class="select" [(ngModel)]="selectedMessageContentType" (change)="getSelectedTextMessage()"> <option *ngFor="let messageContentType of messageContentTypes" […]

How to use the position relative in angular

i have this dropdown inside another one, but i want to put this second dropdown to the right, i’m trying use position relative like this in the scss .bloco2{ position: relative; margin-right: 200px; } but it remains in the same place, and the margin-top works <div ngbDropdown> <li ngbDropdownToggle> <a class="dropdown-item"> <i class="bi bi-box mx-2"></i> […]

How to dynamically load data into dropdown in ng2 smart table?

I have a ng2-smart table in which there are dropdown columns. I want to load the dropdown value from another ng2 smart table value. I am very much new to this ng2 smart table. Please Help me on how to load the dynamic values into ng2 smart table. static Settings = { add: { addButtonContent: […]

Css getting applied to all pages in angular primeng

I am using p-dropdown and I have applied min-width to p-dropdown panel for two different pages. In page1 css .p-dropdown panel { min-width: 35% } In page2 css .p-dropdown panel { min-width: 20% } When I open page2 after opening page1, then page1 css for p-dropdown panel is getting applied. Source: Angular Questions

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ngx-select-dropdown makes page blank

Im trying to use nix-select-dropdown to make a searchable dropdown for store id’s. I originally created the page with just a input box and everything worked fine. As soon as I added the ngx-select-dropdown eventing after this tag does not show up nor does the dropdown. before dropdown is added after dropdown is added store-setting-view-page.component.html […]

How to Preselect value using Datalist Dropdown in Angular?

I have an editable dropdown in which I need to autopopulate its default value from a template. The default value is fetched from "this.Model.Application.environment" that has "dev" as a value. The below code gives me a editable dropdown but I need to preselect the value from the template. The [(ngModel)]="this.Model.Application.environment" in is showing the default […]

Drop-down values are not getting properly

[I need to get it like a drop-down list the json that that I am calling is "account":["Insurable","Automobile"],"account":["BNSF","Transport","AI"] Source: Angular Questions

By akhil kumarraghava
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Angular – I am trying to populate and select from dropdown menu from array object values

I am new to Angular i am getting some issues in dropdown and array objects. I am trying to select value from dropdown menu but right now the array values is not populating inside the dropdown menu. i am not getting what is the error. app.component.ts import { Component, OnInit } from ‘@angular/core’; import { […]

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