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How to attach and upload profile image through model in angular

I am using a model to POST data to api , model also has image field.How can i attach image data to coverImage field. Whenever i send post request it return a error that coverImage is not a file. export class NewCourseModel { instructorId:number; title:string; subtitle:string; description:string; language:string; category:string; subcategory:string; price:number; creationDate:Date; coverImage:File; promoVideo:File; } […]

By Muzaffar
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Angular app keeps saying _user is not defined

I’m building a chat app with Angular and Django using the get stream tutorial. However, I’m trying to run the app to test the join page but it keeps saying property not defined in the constructor which is from the state.service.ts file. import { Injectable } from ‘@angular/core’; export declare interface User { token: […]

Save HTML tables locally in the Angular/Django

I’m new in full stack development and its a lot of try and error. Now I’m struggling with html tables. For explanation: I am building a simple web app that can show tables from Azure SQL Database. I am able to input the tables through backend connection (Django) to the Frontend(Angular) for representation. but, every […]

By Jasin Amini
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Submit File to Django API from Angular

I am using Django as my API and trying to upload Pdf file from Angular I have used the HttpModule to post the file with the name, company, year and document I have tested the post url on Postman and it works link to the postman API showing the post request was successful When I […]

By Harshil Siyani
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Deploying a full-stack web application (Django and Angular)

I built a nice full-stack application using Django as back-end and Angular as front-end with login functionality. I feel like it would help me tremendously in landing a full-stack developer position if I was able to deploy it and show it during the interview. However, I am finding trouble finding the documentation on how I […]

By sam
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Submit a file in angular using Django

I’m trying to send a file from an angular frontend to Django, I have this code that uses a basic drag and drop file submission box but I cant get the file to process in typescript. formData.append(‘file’, this.form.get(‘dragndrop’)!.value); throws the error TypeError: Cannot read property ‘setValue’ of null in my browser console but I don’t […]

By javabeginner
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Pushing and maintaining backend(Django) and frontend(Angular) folder in one repo

I have searched in google about this many says we can do this in two ways : creating the main repo and having one .gitignore file in there and pushing all in one repo. Maintaining separate git repo i.e for backend separate repo and frontend separate repo. So, I chose second-way i.e maintaining and pushing […]

By Shrestha7
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Django Framework templating [closed]

Should we use other front-end frameworks for developing complex UI websites like for a career portal rather than Django templating system? Source: AngularJS Questions

Is Django Framework the right choice? [closed]

I have used the Django framework for small projects. Recently I am developing a career portal. I also might have to build Android and IOS apps for the same in future. I am confused about whether I have to use Django Framework for the web portal and later create a separate Rest framework for the […]

NGINX-WSS connection failing but WS connection works

I am having trouble implementing wss connections in my app over port 443. When connecting to my app over port 80 I able to connect to the socket(ws connection). my app works fine with HTTPS requests(can log in and request data) but cannot handle wss properly. The console logs failed to connect, with no server […]

By Darius
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