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Combine d3.brush with events

In an angular method I do things on the graph at mouse down which then end at mouse up, together with these things I would like to draw a square and I discovered that with d3 there is brush, so I would like to combine things. this.svgGraph.on(‘mousedown’, (event: any) => { //I do things… event.stopPropagation(); […]

By Luke C
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SVG marker direction arrows appear in DOM, but the marker itself isn’t visible

I’m trying to create directional arrows on an svg path that’s being rendered using d3. I obtain the start points using the path string and the svg-path-properties npm package. I then push these points to an array, and in another function, I map these points onto the original svg path with the d3 logic to […]

By PDill5446
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D3.js TopoJSON: state borders on county zoom

I have a D3 TopoJSON design to instantiate U.S. counties paths and then state paths (these are transparent, just to thicken the borders between the states). I am trying to add zoom and pan functionality, and have successfully gotten zoom on click. I have to hide the state objects when I zoom in, however, when […]

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Angular D3 TopoJSON: Zoom Functionality

I have been struggling with making a functional choropleth map in D3 on Angular, and thus far have managed to piece together a tooltip and zoom-to-county-on-click functionality. I am currently trying to figure out: How to get the zoom to reset upon second click, but most examples online seem to use a different zoom functionality […]

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Angular D3 TopoJSON functionality

I have an Angular app with a service to fetch the base data from here:[email protected]/counties-albers-10m.json I can successfully make my counties and borders appear, but I cannot create an interactivity (click zoom to counties, pan, zoom reset, tooltip, etc.). A lot of code below, hopefully someone out there can help me understand the Angular […]

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Angular D3js pie chart disappears after routing

I use D3 pie chart to create a donut, with a little animation to fill it in my angular (12) app. When I first load a page, the chart I made works fine (it’s the page that is loaded after login). Then if I go to another page, and come back by any way (previous […]

By derOtterDieb
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Unable to render d3 chart in table cells

currently using angular 7 with d3 v7. Trying to render area chart in each cell of table (shown in picture below). But using angular method the rendered svg keeps rendering in a loop. Not sure what im doing wrong here HTML Code <tr [id]="’row’ + ‘-‘ + fleet" *ngFor="let fleet of fleetcolumn"> <td>{{ fleet }}</td> […]

By codenoob
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Check the overlaping events Angular

I have an array of objects, each object representing an incident. Object model looks like: { lineIndex: number; entries: { start: Date; end: Date; } } How can I set the lineIndex to each incident to not overlap another incident? For example if incident number 2 doesn’t overlap the first one, the lineIndex to be […]

By simpller
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How can we select min of 2 data columns open and close use those point to define my y axis?

i’m developing a chart using d3 for my application, below is my data data = [date : { "jan", "feb", "mar", "apr", "may", "jun"}, open : { 12, 21, 32, 34, 45, 11}] data1 = [date : { "jan", "feb", "mar", "apr", "may", "jun"}, close = {2, 3, 1, 0.5 , 5, 6}] // code […]

By Dayakar Kodirekka
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Displaying a circle inside an SVG with D3.js

I have come so far as the following, in my Angular app. However, the circle does not get drawn on the svg. What am I doing wrong that the circle does not show? ngOnInit(): void { this.createSvg(); this.createCircle(); } createSvg(): void { this.svg = d3 .select("figure#zoom-pan") .append("svg") .attr("width", this.width + (this.margin * 2)) .attr("height", this.height […]

By Joshua
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