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AngularJS + Bootstrap flexBox incompatible?

Attempting to have “flex” as the display should line the elements together, but it does not for some odd reason. I tested my work for the past 4 days on simple syntax. Double checked for syntax error, misspellings, and broke down all css to core html elements when testing this. Decided to open a new directory to test my base knowledge of flex box, same setup with parent and children divs, and it works. The […]

CSS selector for disabled elements

I’m working with AngularJS to set image buttons disabled/enabled. My css selector to show them transparent isn’t working. I’ve started with a try it that selects a disable on an input element and there it does indeed apply the css, but not in case of my div elements. I’ve added my div elements that don’t work, resulting in the following code: <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <style> input:enabled { background: #ffff00; } input:disabled { background: #dddddd; […]