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Removing space atop relatively positioned elements

I have three subdivs within a larger container on my webpage. I need each of these three divs to be positioned directly below each other, and the top div to be placed directly at the top of the container. I need to use relative positioning as each div has a variable height in practice so absolutely positioning them is not applicable (however I have thought about dynamically using AngularJS here), however all three have a […]

Line up list items in ionic and get a value

I have an ionic project that I’m working on and I’m using the columns in a grid that contains a static image on the top left (X) and a list of images on the right (Y). What I would like to do is be able to scroll through the list on the right so when the X and Y images line up at the top it gives me the ID of the current Y image. […]

AngularJS Material Design: Different colors for the active tab (using theme colors)

Similar to the question referenced below, I am trying to set the background and foreground color of the active tab label using theme colors. I mostly expected referencing the theme colors identifiers in CSS to not work. Is there a proper way to do so? AngularJS Material Design : Different colors for different tabs in md-tabs works: { background: green; } doesn’t work: { background: accent; } The md-colors directive works with either […]

Page not scrolling to top while navigating in angular

In my app while routing urls the page which loads is not scrolling to top automatically. It remains the same position as the previous screen. I have added below codes in appcomponent still it doesn’t work:( <router-outlet (activate)=”onActivate($event)” ></router-outlet> onActivate(event) { window.scroll(0,0); window.scrollTo(0,0); } NavigationEnd) => { if(event instanceof NavigationEnd) { window.scrollTo(0, 0); } }) Tried all these above code but not able to achieve this. Source: AngularJS

How to give ui-select border CSS on focus

I am using ui-select for the first time and I have tried all combination in its css file to give the border css like form-control class but so far not successful. Here’ the image demo I want something like the input box to be in around my ui-select. Please help me in learning something new. Source: AngularJS

HTML table with rows and cells in thead based on months and days (html/css + angularjs)

How do I create a table with thead based on 12 months and number of days below? Example of my visual plan in thead: January February March 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 .. 31 1..28 1..31 Based on this, I will next create tbody for each day. I’ve got proper json for this: { “month”: “January”, “days”: 31 }, { “month”: “February”, “days”: 28 }, { “month”: “March”, “days”: 31 […]

How to prevent mobile keyboard from rising footer over the text fields in mobile view?

Below is my code for footer: .footer{ font-family:$font-family-arial; position: relative; width: 100%; background-color: #6b6c6d; color:white; font-size:10px; padding-left:1%; padding:7px; } <div class=”navbar navbar-default navbar-fixed-bottom navbar-inverse”> <div class=”container-fluid”> <p class=”navbar-text pull-left hidden-xs”> <a *ngIf=”showEulaLink” (click)=”gotoEula()” style=”color : aliceblue”> Legal </a> </p> <div *ngIf=”showEulaLink” class=”vl hidden-xs”></div> <p class=”navbar-text pull-left hidden-xs”> <a *ngIf=”showEulaLink” (click)=”gotoEula()” style=”color : aliceblue;margin-left: 5px”> Privacy </a> </p> <div *ngIf=”showEulaLink” class=”vl hidden-xs” style=”margin-left: 6%”></div> <p class=”navbar-text pull-left hidden-xs”> <a *ngIf=”showEulaLink” (click)=”gotoEula()” style=”color : aliceblue”> Cookies </a> […]

Grouped bootstrap radio buttons as btn-primary buttons in different columns

I have problems with the layout of two grouped buttons, which are in the same group but in different columns. The buttons are supposed to be radio buttons in the style of simple btn btn-primary bootstrap buttons. The first problem is that the actual radio button is displayed in the btn-primary button. When clicking the btn-primary button, it works just fine. But if I happen to check the radio button inside the btn-primary button, the […]

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