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how can i make same background image on all pages in angular?

i’m new in angular , i cant make a background image for all my components , i made a style direct in html file of app-component , i tried on app-component.css html{} and body{} but it didn’t wok , help pelasse . <div class="container -5m" style="background-image: url(../../assets/background.jpg.crdownload); background-size: cover;"> <nav> <a routerLink="/" class="btn btn-success">acceuil</a> <a […]

Aligning long label of mat-slide-toggle

I’m using mat-slide-toggle with a label like so: <mat-slide-toggle> <div class="my-label-style">Label that can be long</div> </mat-slide-toggle> The mat-slide-toggle is inside a container of limited width, and the label sometimes spans one line and sometimes two lines. The problem is, that when the label spans two lines, the toggle button appears vertically centered (between line 1 […]

By Mister L
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How can I Display the HTML elements in ROW and Column order based on Column numbers in Angular Object

I have a Filters Object which is coming from API. this.filters = [ { "label":"Category", "name":"psl_category", "values":[ 1, 2, 3 ], "type":"multi_select", "col":1 }, { "label":"PSL Status", "name":"psl_status", "values":[ "New", "Open", "Closed" ], "type":"multi_select", "col":2 }, { "label":"PSL Created", "name":"psl_created", "type":"date_range", "col":3 }, { "label":"PSL Updated", "name":"psl_updated", "type":"date_range", "col":3 } ] //And here I’m formating […]

By Chandra Mouli
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Change image automatically using Typescript and Angular

I there. I hope you can helpme. I need to change automatically 2 images every 3 secs using Typescript ang Angular. Can you help me to give a suggestions to get this. Thanks a lot. Source: Angular Questions

By victor
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How to set css property to fit mat-drawer on the lead table page

I want to fix the position of the table behind the mat-drawer so the table don’t live its position when open .I tried setting position to fixed but the size of mat-drawer changes enter image description here Source: Angular Material Quesions

By sayali
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Color html table based on 3 conditions

I have 3 colors defined in CSS. In HTML i have table and I want the backdround color of a cell to change based on 3 conditions: if cell contains the text ‘True’ – color green if cell contains the text ‘False’ – color red if the cell contains the text ‘None’ – color yellow […]

By Chris B
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Angular application having media queries on click screen moving to left side

I am having angular application(v11). We are using custom components for input fields and radio button, checkboxes. When browser is in 100% width, I have to scroll right to select checkbox within div. Scroll bar is there for that particular div. if I click any checkbox(which is on right side) then entire page content is […]

By user2546024
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Clicking on any place of mat-form-field should display the dropdown

Currently, when I click on input field area the dropdown is appearing. But I want all available "mat-form-field" area should be clickable and on click it can show the dropdown. I tried increasing the "input" field area but it will disturbed the mat-chip-list. dropdown appear after clicking on input only Here is the stackblitz link. […]

By Gourav Mahajan
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How to build Knowledge graph UI using angular

I have a requirement to build knowledge graph UI using Angular. I wanted to achieve something like the below image: Please suggest how can I get started with it. Also, if there is any third party apps to achieve this using angular. Source: Angular Questions

By Asif Zaidi
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Angular cdkDragBoundary not doing anything

I am trying to create a website which has some divs that you can drag around, and I want to stop the user from being able to take the div outside the screen, so I used cdkDragBoundary. However it does not seem to be doing anything, here is my code: HTML: <div class="example-boundary"> <div class="example-box" […]

By Aryaa Sk
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