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can I have css selector to match widget-logs and widget-chart like widget-* {…} [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: CSS: Class name selector- name starts with 2 answers I am building a widgetized dashboard in which I am rendering widgets like widget-logs, widget-chart & widget-list etc. I want to apply common styling to widgets like given below which doesn’t work but would like to know is something else I can use for my use case:- widget-* { header { font-weight: bold; } } instead of:- widget-logs, widget-chart, […]

Angular ui grid tree view cell background color

I have a angular ui grid using tree view. I am struggling to get some css going for the cell background. When the tree nodes are in the collapsed state, they have a alternating white and grey colors. When the tree node with white color is expanded by pressing the plus icon, I would like all the cells under it to also have white color(rather than the alternating grey and white) and similarly when the […]