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Cross-Origin Request Blocked js files (angular deployed on nginx )

hello i am facing issue i’m using nginx server on centOS linux after i deployed my angular project and configuration when i run on browser it gave error on internal generated js files and browser page is still blank this is my config file: listen 80; server_name localhost; location / { root /usr/share/nginx/html/core-app-plus; index index.html […]

By Abdul Mateen
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Angular + Nodejs Express: ERROR Cross-Origin Request Blocked: Same Origin Policy disallows reading the remote resource at

I’m trying to post data from angular (on port 4200) to the back-end node.js express server on port 3000. What I’ve done so far: I have tried to post the json data from angular to the (a 3rd party server for test use), which proves that my function in angular is valid to post […]

By apyy
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How decode url parameter _ga in Angular?

I have a problem when redirect from Asp .Net Core app to Angular app. Asp .Net Core has google analytics and after redirect to angular app GA adds in url _ga parameter. But this parameter wrong. It looks as "%3F_ga%3D2.6592…" and it needs to look as "?_ga=2.6592…". Somebody knows how decide this problem? Source: Angular […]

By ViktorBl
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how to use (WebAssembly) SharedArrayBuffer, if it will require cross-origin isolation?

Not sure this is the right place, but I would like to get some advice from you. I am implementing a web app, using microservices deployed in docker, then to get some data, I need to make requests to each microservices(different ports). My problem now is that I need to use WASM to paint in […]

Can I use Angular Dev Tools in Chrome on an iFrame that is cross-origin?

I have the Angular Dev tools Chrome Extension. It works fine on the top level page, but not on an iframed Angular page. In my case I want to use the dev tools only to look at the iframe content. The iframe will always be coming from a different domain then the top level page. […]

Spring Boot @crossorigin not working for post

I am working on Angular and Spring Boot. I have setup the @CrossOrigin in Spring boot. Also, I tried to setup the Global cross origin. Also, then I tried to add it in the proxy js file of the angular. I can see that only the GET is working. But the POST request is not […]

By Ketan Bhavsar
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Set up Angular proxy.conf.json with creditential attached to a path

I have a server that serves endpoints at It also has credentials associated with this URL. To connect my Angular front-end with this back-end, I created a proxy file { "/rest": { "target": "", "secure": false, "changeOrigin": true, "withCredentials": true, "logLevel": "debug", "pathRewrite": { "^/rest": "/other" } } } Thus, the request to […]

Cross-domain cookies are not being set by Angular HttpClient

I’m using a Rust (Actix) backend and Angular frontend, hosted on separate domains. I’ve configured CORS on the backend: let cors = Cors::default() .allowed_origin(FRONTEND_URL) .allowed_origin("http://localhost:3000") .allowed_methods(vec!["GET", "POST"]) .allowed_headers(vec![header::AUTHORIZATION, header::ACCEPT, header::CONTENT_TYPE, header::ACCESS_CONTROL_ALLOW_CREDENTIALS]) .supports_credentials(); Cookies are configured to be secure, httponly, and SameSite=None. On the frontend, I’m using the standard Angular HttpClient to make an API call, […]

By WKHAllen
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How to call REST-API of Zoom from Angular 11 directly?

Everybody. i am come with a problem that answer i could not found google. so i asked. problem is when i try to calling Zoom any API then i am greeting error CROS that is below Access to XMLHttpRequest at ‘——77/meetings’ from origin ‘http://localhost:4200’ has been blocked by CORS policy: Response to preflight request doesn’t […]

By Pankaj Kumar
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Bypassing cross-domain login page by Angular http post call

Inside my Angular site, I am trying to make a cross-domain http post call to an endpoint, attaching username and password, in order to bypass the login page and access directly within this other application. The problem is that every time I click on the button, which is associated with the http post call, I […]

By Gaetano
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