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I have a angular website and want to use ionic to create the mobile apps. Whats the easiest way?

I have a website that is created in Angular 4 (with Lumen as the Rest API) that has a responsive design. The website works on desktop & mobile browser fine but now I want to create the mobile applications. What is the easiest way to wrap ionic around my existing Angular website to create the mobile applications? The mobile applications will need camera, location, bar-scanning, etc. So I cant just webkit or webview the mobile […]

unable to run ionic serve after upgrading to ionic 2

so i have an old ionic v1 project that was done. i have since moved on to ionic v2 and now i wanted to go back to the old v1 project to change some stuff but i’m unable to run ionic serve. when i run ‘ionic serve’ in the v1 project root.. i get the following… Looks like a fresh checkout! No ./node_modules directory found. Would you like to install project dependencies? (Y/n) it looks […]

Cannot Emulate Ionic v1 app to Android Emulator

I am developing an ionic app. And I want to emulate it on real android device. I already downloaded the Android Studio. I plugged my android device and When I tried to run this command ionic cordova run android There’s a lot of errors. Note: I am on windows 8.1 32bit. JDK 32 bit. Please help me. Im working on my thesis. This is the error Source: AngularJS

$http requests not working in signed apk Ionic

when i run my cordova ionic app directly on android studio,it’s working and send $http request perfectly. but when i installed signed .apk,http requests doesn’t work Controller.js var postObject = new Object(); postObject.User = $; postObject.Secret = $; $http({ url: ‘’, method: “POST”, data: { ‘message’: postObject } }) .then(function(response) { $cordovaDialogs.alert(‘Success’, ‘Info’, ‘OK’); }, function(response) { $cordovaDialogs.alert(‘Error’, ‘Info’, ‘Error’); }); Config.xml <?xml version=’1.0′ encoding=’utf-8′?> <widget android-versionCode=”1″ id=”” version=”0.1″ xmlns=”” xmlns:cdv=”″> <name>Cordova project.</name> <description> Cordova […]

Cordova build hook doesnt display version information

I am using cordova build.js file from this link as explained have added buildversion.js file in hooks directory in visual studio and changed this line to var wwwFileToReplace = “js/app.js” in my angular module with constant as .constant(‘BUILD’, { VERSION: “%%VERSION%%” // %%VERSION%% will be replaced with the actual version from config.xml }) but still its not returning version information from config instead it just display this %%version%% any idea ? Also have referenced […]