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Category: cordova-plugins

ionic 3 read stored value native storage in function ionViewDidLoad ()

I’m having a problem, I’d like to read a value saved in the Native Storage Cordova plugin in the function -> ionViewDidLoad (). Description of the function: ionViewDidLoad () = “Runs when the page has loaded. This event only happens once per page being created. If a page leaves but is cached, then this event will not fire again on a subsequent viewing. The ionViewDidLoad event is good place to put your setup code for […]

Cordova build hook doesnt display version information

I am using cordova build.js file from this link as explained have added buildversion.js file in hooks directory in visual studio and changed this line to var wwwFileToReplace = “js/app.js” in my angular module with constant as .constant(‘BUILD’, { VERSION: “%%VERSION%%” // %%VERSION%% will be replaced with the actual version from config.xml }) but still its not returning version information from config instead it just display this %%version%% any idea ? Also have referenced […]