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How to add multiple different images in one pdf using jsPdf?

Here is given my sample code. It allows to add only one image to the pdf. My requirement is to add different images to one pdf. Is there any method to solve this problem. I have used encode variable to access my encoded image with Base64. Please do help me. Thanks $scope.pdfFilename = “test.pdf”; $scope.makePDF = function(){ var doc = new jsPDF(); alert(“sfgsfg”); var imgData = encode; alert(imgData); doc.setFontSize(40); doc.text(35, 25, “Octonyan loves jsPDF”); doc.addImage(imgData, […]

Google GeoCoding API – returns ZERO_RESULTS but the location converts to latitude longitude

I am using Google GeoCode API to search a location from an address and get LAT, LON information of that location. From the API I get ZERO_RESULTS sometimes whereas if I search the address from the google maps, it converts the latitude longitude The address I search for is, Gariahut Corporation Market, Gariahut, Kolkata, Kolkata, West Bengal, India, 700019 Below given is the request that I sent to Google API, Can anyone help me […]

ionic 3 read stored value native storage in function ionViewDidLoad ()

I’m having a problem, I’d like to read a value saved in the Native Storage Cordova plugin in the function -> ionViewDidLoad (). Description of the function: ionViewDidLoad () = “Runs when the page has loaded. This event only happens once per page being created. If a page leaves but is cached, then this event will not fire again on a subsequent viewing. The ionViewDidLoad event is good place to put your setup code for […]

Cordova build hook doesnt display version information

I am using cordova build.js file from this link as explained have added buildversion.js file in hooks directory in visual studio and changed this line to var wwwFileToReplace = “js/app.js” in my angular module with constant as .constant(‘BUILD’, { VERSION: “%%VERSION%%” // %%VERSION%% will be replaced with the actual version from config.xml }) but still its not returning version information from config instead it just display this %%version%% any idea ? Also have referenced […]