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Clojure: How can I get the value of a text field when clicking a button created using Hiccup?

In my Clojure program (using Hiccup), I’m looking to get the value of a text field when a user clicks on a button, and then append that date to a URL. I’ve attempted to use “ng-model” from AngularJS, however this results in the following error: Illegal character in path at index 11: /dashboard/{{date}} The code I currently use is below: (text-field {:class “form-control” :ng-model “date”} “date” date) [:a {:class “btn btn-primary” :href “/dashboard/{{date}}”} “Submit”] […]

Angular 4 and ClojureScript background information

I need some information about resource management of Angular4 and ClojureScript. I don’t have any knowledge about this and also can’t find anything. Maybe I just search for the wrong keywords. What I want to know is, if there is a cap of the simultaneous users of a web page using just Angular 4 or ClojureScript. Or does all this just depend on the server? How is the resource management on the server? I heared […]