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Angular ng2-ckeditor format tag selected text style not working

I have added/configured custom tag format for ckeditor as follow. format_Heading1Unnumbered:{element:"p", name: "Heading 1 Unnumbered", attributes:{‘class’:’Heading1Unnumbered’}}, format_Heading2:{element:"h2", name: "Heading 2", attributes: { class: ‘section’ },}, format_Heading2Unnumbered:{element:"p", name: "Heading 2 Unnumbered", attributes:{‘class’:’Heading2Unnumbered’}}, format_Heading3:{element:"h3", name: "Heading 3", attributes:{‘class’:’Heading3′}} and when it open first time, dropdown shows selected format tags as below but when I close form, and […]

By vimalDev
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CKEditor – Possibility to adapt alignment of tables

In the ckditor for e.g. Images you can add alignBlockLeft instead of alignLeft so, you cannot add text on the right side of the image. I would need to have the same for tables. Currently align left only sets float: left so the users are still able to add text on the left. Would be […]

By Hiaslafson
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Delete picture on the server if picture on ckeditor is deleted

There is no documentation regarding image delete in ckeditor documentation. I have been using simpleuploader to upload the image to the server which returns the url. But now I want to delete the image from the server if it get’s deleted or cut or undo from the server. Source: Angular Questions

By abhey
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How to upload images and logo in CKEditor 5 using free or custom adapter plugins

I am using CKEditor 5 ready to use build in my angular 11 project and trying to upload image. But every time after selecting image from local drive it is not reflecting on CKEditor. I have selected image related options while generating CKEditor build. went through their document and got to know about some custom […]

By user3770669
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Replace with self closing html tags in ckeditor5

When I copy pasted the below lines from notepad to ckeditor5 in Angular 10. I am getting the output with tag for the second line. Ex: This is the first line. This is the second line. Output: <p>This is the first line.<br>This is the second line.</p> I tried clipboardInput, conversion and transformation etc but all […]

By Nasrul Bharathi
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Pinning CKEditor to specific location with GrapesJS

We have dynamic text areas that the end users can manage the content. The application itself is an angular 9, grapesJS (version: 0.17.27) to allow the users to manage content and replaced the default grapesJS Rich Text Editor with CKEditor4 and have it enabled via the grapesjs-plugin-ckeditor (version: 0.0.10). We are facing an issue where […]

By SnowOwl27
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ckeditor 5 change viewport offset for different screen size

When you are adding long content in CKEditor 5, on scroll the toolbar becomes fixed to the top in the browser window. But I have a fixed positioned logo with a menu bar beneath and the toolbar appears above them . I tried viewPortTopOffset and it worked fine on desktop , how do I dynamically […]

By Ladu anand
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Show CKEDITOR preview in a modal instead of a new window

I currently have a ckeditor instance and the preview plugin. Small snippet of my component is below: @ViewChild(‘editor’) ckeditor: CKEditorComponent; showPreview(): void { this.ckeditor.instance.execCommand(‘preview’); } My template has a button that calls the preview command (this was one of my requirements), and it works with this method, but I’m supposed to be showing the preview […]

By Destroyerist
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upload image to firebase from ckeditor4 using angular

I am working on one Blogging application where I want to upload image to any database or specifically firebase from ckeditor4 using angular application. I have gone through documentation where I am able to upload image to ckeditor from my file browser. But I don’t see have any clue how to upload it to my […]

By Tyler
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ng2-ckeditor "CKEDITOR" within my form not Working

I want to use CKEDITOR in my form. I pass the model to CKEDITOR but nothing happens, I did the same thing without using the form and it works correctly, What is the reason? I have uploaded the codes and images below, please guide me! Thanks, package.json //… "@angular/core": "^11.2.2", "@angular/forms": "^11.2.2", "ng2-ckeditor": "^1.3.4", //… […]

By MajiD
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