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How to process data from api response then return a boolean value synchronously in angular?

I have a simple function in my service: /** * Funtion to check if the user logged in has admin rights */ isAdmin(user_id: string) { var adminTemp: boolean; this.httpClient .get(`${this.urk}/${user_id}`) .subscribe((data: any) => { if (data.includes(‘Admin’)) { adminTemp = true; } else { adminTemp = false; } }); return adminTemp; } This function is called […]

make delay in canActivate till IP address data is fetched

I’m making a guard for my angular application where all users should be redirected to maintenance page except for certain IPs. I’m getting the client IP address using third party APIs like The PROBLEM I’m facing is that the canActivate guard gets executed before the IP API sends in the response, thus always returning […]

angular – How to create a canActivate guard to only allow redirects from another component?

I have a component that I wish to allow it’s access only in case of a redirect from another component. So if I put the url in the browser it wouldn’t allow me to access it but, if I redirect to it from another specific component like this it will be allowed: this.router.navigate([‘/main/myLockedComponent’]); I thought […]

How to unify canActivate logic and pass selector function as route parameter in Angular10?

everyone reading this :). Have a good time ! I was solving a problem in our project and cannot find a way to write DRY code We have /article/:id URL in app, some articles are available by id – [1,2,3], others are not [11,22,33] (for example) and i need to prevent user openning such ids. […]

By Anton
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Angular CanActivate with observables

I’m having a problem with the guard of a route in angular; I have an APP_INITIALIZER that call a service ( AuthService) to perform a login to a SSO system ( keyclok ); I have an Observable ( in the AuthService ) that emit the result of the login; the problem that I have is […]

By S-Wing
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Authgard JWT refresh undefined

I am currently integrating authgard in my angular application. I’ve also set up a token refresh system if the token has expired. Everything works pretty well, but I still have a problem with redirection after the token refresh. The "canActivate" function doesn’t wait for the response from the "isAuthenticated" function and receives an "undefined" instead […]

Angular routing same path different guard

I want to use the same path ticket because I want to redirect when save something (Use same component to Update Ticket ). But there is a problem with canActivate. What is the best way to fix it? const router: Routes = [ { path: ”, component: HomeLayoutComponent, canActivate: [AuthGuard], children: [ { path: ”, […]

How to pass a boolean parameter from Route Guards in Angular

I need to guard the routerLinks based on some boolean configurations coming from a server. Currently i have written canActivate route guard. ActivateRoutes file async canActivate(route: ActivatedRouteSnapshot, state: RouterStateSnapshot): Promise<any> { const visibility =; return await this.service.activateRouterLinks(visibility); } This my app.module.ts file { path: ‘home’, loadChildren: ‘src/app/home/home.module#HomeModule’, data: { title: ‘Home’, name: Names.HOME }, […]

angular router endless loop when navigated from from canActivate

As angular routers need static paths, I am using canActive to dynamically route my app. my main module is as follows. import { NgModule } from "@angular/core"; import { RouterModule } from "@angular/router"; import { AuthGuard, AuthData} from "./shared/auth-guard"; // DOC @NgModule({ imports: [ RouterModule.forRoot([ { path: ”, redirectTo: ‘app’, pathMatch: ‘full’ }, { […]

Angular canActivate get updated variable from service

I have a post request from a service which returns if a user is logged in, and I want to set a authGuard to only show the admin panel when they are logged in. My post request is as follows: public isLoggedIn: boolean = false; checkSesh(data: object) { const options = { headers: new HttpHeaders().set(‘Content-Type’, […]

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