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Can we delay rendering in angularjs until all variables get required values from callbacks

I have shared angularjs code. There IsShopToShowTerminated is always undefined and doesn’t depict the required value. I think problem is because, it renders first and then value of the IsShopToShowTerminated is changed. After search I am getting more and more confused. $scope.IsShopToShowTerminated = function(shopTerminationDate) { setTimeout(function() { debugger; if ($scope.IsTerminated($scope.viewCompany.TerminationDate)) { return true; } else { return $scope.IsTerminated(shopTerminationDate); } }, 0); } <td ng-init=”isTerminatedValue = IsShopToShowTerminated(shop.TerminatinonDate)”> {{isTerminatedValue}} <div ng-show=”isTerminatedValue”> <i class=”fa fa-circle text-danger”></i> <small>Terminated</small> </div> […]

Refresh data After CRUD in AngularJS & Express

Here is my problem: I’m doing CRUD to MySql database, and after the create, update or delete my data no refresh correctly. Below in this images I’ll try to explain the actual behaviour: I have a modal to do these operations, but when I return to my main controller, the data only refresh after a F5, although it sometimes works perfectly. I think I need a promise or callback (the response from node is asynchronous) […]

how can avoid this little callback hell

how can avoid this little callback hell?. this code is working fine estaElServicioDespachado(15).then(function(){ sePermiteModificarElCupon(25).then(function(respuesta){ $state.go(“barra.general.formularioCupon”); },function(error){ alert(error); }) }, function(error){ alert(error); }); I tried to do something like this to avoid the callback hell, but the catch function its not called when ‘sepermitemodificarElcupon’ rejects estaElServicioDespachado(15) .then(sePermiteModificarElCupon(25)} .then(function(){$state.go(“barra.general.formularioCupon”);}) ) .catch(function(error){ alert(error); }) maybe this can help. this are functions that calls a service function that returns promises function estaElServicioDespachado (id_servicio){ return catalogoServicios.estaElServicioDespachado(id_servicio) } function sePermiteModificarElCupon(id_cupon){ return […]

Angularjs Jsonp Callback method is not triggering

I am working on angularjs services. I got some callback response from my API endpoint. I am using angular jsonP to fetch callback response I have used jsonpCallbackParam: ‘jsonpCallback’ to parse my callback response. But this jsonpCallback function is not triggered. I have attached my response below. projectInstance.jsonpCallback(“getActiveProduct”,{“totalRecords”:null,”projectSnapShot”:[{“projectId”:”333333″,”projectNumber”:”123456″,”projectStatus”:”Active”}]}) Here is my service code: getActiveProduct: function() { var deferred = $q.defer(); var url = “myserver/getproject.json” projectInstance={}; $http.jsonp(url, { jsonpCallbackParam: ‘jsonpCallback’, data: ” }).then(function(data) { deferred.resolve(; }, […]

ng-show directive not working Angular (controllerAs issue)

I am building a single-page app with a timer and 2 buttons: 1st one shows up on initial state (onBreak=false), and handles a 25min-timer 2nd one shows up when the 1st timer is over (onBreak=true), and handles a 5min-timer Here is the HTML : <h1>{{ home.time | formattime }}</h1> <button type=”button” class=”btn btn-primary” ng-hide=”onBreak” ng-click=”home.workTimer()” ng-bind=”home.startOrResetWork”> </button> <button type=”button” class=”btn btn-primary” ng-show=”onBreak” ng-click=”home.breakTimer()” ng-bind=”home.startOrResetBreak”> </button> The controller : (function() { function HomeCtrl($interval) { var $ctrl […]

Why can’t I assign to a class variable from a $http success handler? [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: How does the “this” keyword work? 19 answers For a project I’m working on, I’ve uncovered a situation that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. I strongly suspect that, while I’m working in TypeScript, that my particular problem is due to a funny nuance of javascript, but I’m not sure how to prove it, or fix it. Background For the application I’m working on, I have a […]

AngularJS restangular post callback

I am using restangular with AngularJS, and I need to use some function, which will trigger callback function/promise after POST response. I tryed setResponseInterceptor which did not helped in this situation. I need to use this function to lock form from submission until response will come back to client, and then unlock it to future use. Do you know some magic for this? I am using this code, and want to fire custom function when […]

scope variable can not be setted inside service callback

I have the following code: svcUploadMidia.load(scope.TableId, scope.TableName, function(res) { scope.Midias =; for(var i = 0; i < scope.Midias.length; i++) { scope.Midias[i].conteudoBase64 = “data:image/png;base64,” + scope.Midias[i].conteudoBase64; } }, function(err) { errorHandler(err); }); This code is inside a directive and is called by another directive. But all changes made inside the svcUploadMidia.load callback is not setted in the directive scope.Midias and the ng-repeat in the html still empty. Someone know how can I fix it? Source: AngularJS

Call back function returns an object which cannot be accessed ,it only appears in console.log in angular

I have followed the below git hub link that has a service called and using this service in login function as (googleService) function login () { googleService.login().then(function (data) { $‘/googleSignIn’,data) .then(function (data) { // window.location.reload(); }, function (err) { if ( { toastr.error(; return; } }); }, function (err) { console.log(‘Failed: ‘ + err); }); }; The data object can be seen in console.log statment only when I click the arrow beside it and […]

How to use the callback on the basis of selection in Angular js?

I am trying to design a simple game application. There is a list of games available and there is a list of selected game. My intention is to show whatever the games is not selected in the modal and ask user whether they want to add it or not. Once they skim all the available games we can get the final selection of whatever the games selected and not selected.I am Stuck at one point, […]

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