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AngularJS-ResponsiveCalendar (ui.rCalendar) eventSources are not reflected on the calendar

I am using AngularJS-ResponsiveCalendar (ui.rCalendar) I have AngularJS component that grabs events from Google Calendar (using Google Calendar API), transforms them into events suitable for ui.rCalendar, but for some reason the events are not shown on the calendar. So, below is my CalendarController defined in my CalendarComponent: class CalendarController { isSignedIn: boolean; eventSources: any[] = []; static $inject: string[] = [‘$scope’, ‘GoogleAuth’, ‘GoogleService’]; constructor(private $scope: ng.IScope, private auth: GoogleAuth, private service: GoogleService, private $interval: […]

How to delete one event from daily recurring event ionic1 android

I am using ‘EddyVerbruggen/Calendar-PhoneGap-Plugin’ plugin for create,update and delete native calendar events. In android i m trying to delete the single instant of event from daily recurring event but not able to do so, When I find and delete selected date event it deletes whole recurring event Is there any way to do so Please help me Thank u Source: AngularJS

pickadate / ng-pickadate set event not triggering

I’m facing a strange issue : I’m using ng-pickadate in my angularJS 1.5.3 projet and I’ve got an issue when selecting a date in the calendar : On Chrome 60 : 1- the input appears properly, 2- on click on the input the calendar appears properly, 3- on click on any element of the calendar (close button, date, arrows…) only the ‘Open up picker’ is triggered, not the action expected for the clicked element On […]

How can I display local array on Kendo Calendar in angularjs

I am using a local array in calendar controller file in my project. I want the name of the event to come from the local array instead of http url like normally. Following is the what I am coding right now and it is not working. In kendo’s data source function in my controller, I have: dataSource: { sync: function () {;}, batch: true, transport: { read: function (options) { var data=[] data[0] = […]