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Downloaded two main-es2015 file on page load

On refreshing an angular application. In the network tab on filter able to see main-es2015 being shown as downloaded(Duplicate scriptenter image description here) Source: Angular Questions

Uncaught ReferenceError: Bacon is not defined when bundled with Webpack

Below is my webpack.config.js file In Index.js configured node modules like below import ‘./node_modules/promise-polyfill/dist/polyfill.js’; import ‘./node_modules/baconjs/dist/Bacon.js’; import ‘./node_modules/ramda/dist/ramda.js’; import ‘./node_modules/angular/angular.js’; import ‘./node_modules/angular-ui-router/release/angular-ui-router.js’; import ‘./node_modules/angular-cookies/angular-cookies.js’; import ‘./node_modules/angular-ui-bootstrap/dist/ui-bootstrap.js’; import ‘./node_modules/angular-ui-bootstrap/dist/ui-bootstrap-tpls.js’; import ‘./node_modules/angular-translate/dist/angular-translate.js’; import ‘./node_modules/angular-filter/dist/angular-filter.js’; import ‘./node_modules/angular-translate-loader-static-files/angular-translate-loader-static-files.js’; import ‘./node_modules/mousetrap/mousetrap.js’; import ‘./node_modules/angular-bootstrap-colorpicker/js/bootstrap-colorpicker-module.js’; import ‘./scripts/common/lib/cssjson.js’; import ‘./node_modules/ocLazyLoad/dist/ocLazyLoad.js’; import ‘./node_modules/html2canvas/dist/html2canvas.js’; import ‘./node_modules/ng-idle/angular-idle.min.js’; And also imported import ‘../common/scripts/services/message.service.js’; When I exported the […]

By Sadhu
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Angular: SCSS bundlers supporting @use and @forward

I’m currently using scss-bundle to bundle scss files into one main.scss . This was working perfectly until I upgraded to Angular v12 and Material v12. scss-bundle does not support SASS’s new module system (which Material has now implemented) with @use and @forward syntax meaning I can’t use Material styles to the full extent. Has […]

By Andrea Naudi
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Main.js file too large in angular 12

While making build i am getting too large main js file . i am using lazy loading in all component but still my main js file to large i am providing config details below. Please let me know any solution for this i am attaching build size image too. please find below While making build […]

By Akash Gupta
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What’s the best practice to keep the bundle size lean and keep everything structured?

I am a bit puzzled cause I’m launching a new project at the moment and I am trying to pay more attention to the bundle size and learn more in-depth about Angular modular System. I started to search for some information on the internet but the information differs from resource to resource. Can anyone clarify […]

By midnight dev
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How can I analyze [no source] chunk of source-map-explorer generated source map?

I have an Angular 12 application, and the bundle size seem to be pretty big, which is not expected (there is only a few component in the application). I tried to analyze the bundle with source-map-explorer, but on the generated source map there is a [no source] chunk which takes up 53% of my bundle. […]

By tonhal
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Angular 12 and source-map-explorer: Source-map-explorer showing "no source" for a 16% chunk

while working on an Angular 12 application with PrimeNg, I have come across a peculiar scenario. When I generate a build and try to check the bundles with source-map-explorer (we are not using web-pack), I see a 16% chunk saying "no source": Can someone tell me from where this chunk is coming? Any help is […]

By Rishabh Shukla
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Reduce Server>main.js to be less than 1 Mb – angular universal app

I have an angular(12) universal project. after build:ssr the server>main.js is more than 6 mb. I tried everything to reduce its size but no use including analyzing code tools and lazy load modules. I also tried to create new empty angular universal project and i found that Server>main.js is 3.16 although the project is empty […]

Angular project update from v8 to v10 makes bundles horribly large

I’ve started working on stable 3-years old (relatively) large project and the idea is to clean up dependencies, update Angular, refactor some things etc. In that process, I have made changes: On some places I have put Angular Material components and removed some Nebular components, moved from Angular 8 to Angular 10, activated Ivy renderer. […]

By ceruleus
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Put the hash in the query part of the filename rather than including it is file

when setting: "configurations": { "production": { … "outputHashing": "none", … } } I get something like: styles.1e072cee432cd678e43c.css Is there a way to get this result: styles.css?1e072cee432cd678e43c ? Source: Angular Questions

By Lilian Bideau
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