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Is there a way to reload my app without window.location.reload() and ngOnInit()?

Is there any way to reload my Angular 11 app without window.location.reload() and ngOnInit()? window.location.reload() makes Chrome reload the tab which is not my desired outcome. And ngOnInit() causes some wierd bugs in my app. I would like to have something similar to window.location.reload() but that doesn’t refresh the Chrome tab. Any solutions to this? […]

Can’t Debug Angular Project, Missing .Map Files

We have an app that cannot be debugged in a browser because, I assume, it’s missing the .map files: To generate the maps, I tried all the suggestions I could find online but nothing worked. Finally, I created a new Asp.Net Core Angular project just so I could compare them side by side to figure […]

Browser replaces special character with ASCII

In my angular application, I need to pass ‘?’ , in the router.navigate , this.router.navigate([‘abc/mylogin/?user/’]); browser converts ? to ASCII(%3F) and displays localhost:4200/abc/mylogin/%3Fadmin , is there a way that I can restrict the ASCII conversion by browser. I want to display in browser like, localhost:4200/abc/mylogin/?admin Source: Angular Questions

By user1015388
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Is it possible to open pdf file from mobile browser instead on download?

In my web application, I have file response from server as byte[] content and open it with this code let file = new Blob([response], { type: ‘application/pdf’ }); var fileURL = URL.createObjectURL(file);; It’s working perfectly fine on a laptop browser. but when I try with chrome on mobile, It always downloads the file instead […]

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Blank page after long running angular app

We have an angular app running in azure storage static website and served by Azure CDN. The app is secured with azure b2c. The app is getting messages via signalR and draws charts with swimlane/ngx-charts library. All works fine, but if we leave the app running for a long time (e.g. during the night) we […]

By Anna Melashkina
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"ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED" exclusively in my browser (Docker)

for a project I need to contenerize an angular project. I am using Docker When I run my container, inside the container, I can curl the http://localhost4200. However, when I want to see in my browser the response, here is the response : ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED What did I try ? I tried to change the ip […]

By Kxjr Vde
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Chrome: Date sent in "yyyy-MM-dd" format getting changed to "yyyy-dd-MM" in chrome while sending API request in URL

I’m getting calendar information by passing start & end dates (with yyyy-MM-dd explicitly) like this: **this.http.get(encodeURI(`${url}?calendarCode=${calenderCode}&startDate=${startDate}&endDate=${endDate}`))** But in the network request of chrome, it gets converted to US time format (yyy-dd-MM). I’m not sure why it’s taking the default localization though explicitly i’m passing the format. It works in some of the windows systems & […]

Angular Disable / Enable Back Button

What I want to achieve is to disable and re-enable the back button at a certain moment of time. I used the following method to disable the back button: disableBackButton() { history.pushState(null, null, location.href); this.locationStrategy.onPopState(() => { history.pushState(null, null, location.href); }) } However, I don’t know how to implement a function to "re-enable" the back […]

By Viorel Onica
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trigger on event onpopstate on load chrome

I am dealing with a problem that disable back button on browser, so my approach is using onpopstate event, When page load success, then I click back button on browser, it’s not trigger on onpopstate event and still can navigate to previous page, if I do anything in page such as left, right click on […]

By Nam R a
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Is it a security concern to not refresh the page or redirect when logging out of a SPA?

On logout, our single page application clears local storage, etc. Then, it loads a logout component which informs the user that they have been logged out. However, from time to time, we introduce memory leaks in our application, and in-memory variables stick around longer than they should (we fix these memory leaks when we find […]

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