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How do I avoid flickering while scrolling in a browser?

I have a long data set and I need to visualize them in a table. The data consists out of 50k rows and the data is already available locally. For this I use an infinite scroll implementation but any attempt results in a flicker as you can see in the recording below. The layout is […]

webpack-dev-server error after migrating to angular 13

After my migration from angular 12 to angular 13, i am getting the following error in the console: Also if i change something in my code the browser does not reload automatically. Note: I have no extra configuration for webpack. Here are my package-versions of my package.json: "devDependencies": { "@angular-devkit/build-angular": "~13.1.2", "@angular-eslint/builder": "12.3.1", "@angular-eslint/eslint-plugin": "12.3.1", […]

By Marcel Sauter
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Angular 12: Support was requested for IE 9 & IE 10 in the project’s browserslist configuration

First, my problem is different than: Angular 12 warns about requested IE 11 support. Why? I’m upgrading to Angular 12 and getting this warning. Support was requested for IE 9 & IE 10 in the project’s browserslist configuration. These browsers are no longer officially supported with Angular v11 and higher I do have a browserlist […]

By SilverFish
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Angular ngx-translate, does not translate first time

I use ngx-translate with angular. When the site is opened on a new pc, the translation does not show, only the keys. Then the user have to press F5 for it to translate. Happens every time as far as I know. Sometimes when I haven’t touched to project in a while, I get the same […]

Providing IE11 support in Angular 13

Google has removed IE11 support in Angular 13. In the company that I work for, we have to keep IE11 support for the next few months due to contractual obligations. As it’s unclear what is the extent of removed "IE11 related code" from the framework, we are wondering if it’s doable in practice to provide […]

How to check for a protocol existence without executing it using Angular?

Use case: In order to install a custom scheme (AKA custom URL protocol) & execute a custom binary file, I need to verify its existence first in the windows registry. Available solutions: checkProtocolExistence() { customProtocolCheck( // uri: Custom protocol url to check for ‘custom-protocol://’, () => { // failCb: Callback function which gets […]

By Rostom Channouf
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how do I trim or remove the header URL containing data in it using Angular

so in one component I’m having a form and after filling the form details, when the send button is clicked I send the data in encrypted format to another component using header. Belowis the code: send(){ this.router.navigate([‘/customerportal/insta-pay/insurance-plan’],{ queryParams:{data:btoa(JSON.stringify(data))} }) } and when I look at the header of the component, I find this: http://localhost:4200/customerportal/insta-pay/insurance-plan?data=W3siY29udGFjdCI6eyJtb2JpbGVOdW1iZXIiOiI5OTg5ODM1ODk1IiwiZW1haWwiOiJ2aXNoYWwxMjNAZ21haWwuY29tIiwiZmlyc3ROYW1lIjoiZmRudnZu And, […]

By anonymous
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Detect event of closing browser angular 12

I have to detect closing browser event so I close the user’s connection. I have tried the following method: @HostListener(‘window:beforeunload’, [‘$event’]) beforeUnloadHandler(event) { /** * Post a single object to the server * Send Beacon API to keep request after browser windowunload event */ navigator.sendBeacon(`${this.appConfigService.appConfig.apiUrl}/Account/LogoutDirectly/`); } on my app.component.ts. I tried this on both Chrome […]

By Hasagiii
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I have problems when using my pwa in a web browser, when navigating, as in 4 routes and I go back every time until the beginning, the application freezes and returns the STATUS_BREAKPOINT error. i would like to know if someone can help me fix this, i tried disabling the back buttom but nothing works. […]

How disabled back buttom/browser in app pwa ionic 6

I am having a big problem with the back button of the web browser when executing my pwa in ionic, when doing 4 rollbacks after a site navigation, the application freezes and returns the browser error STATUS_BREAKPOINT. I would appreciate if you could tell me or help me disable this or control the event. enter […]

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