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When Filtering records in BreezeJs throwing an error

I am trying to filter the records from a table based on a column value using BreejeJs. Here is the below code while filtering based on a column name it’s throwing an error like below The left hand side of a binary predicate cannot be a literal expression, it must be a valid property or functional predicate expression: parentFolderGuid(column name). Any help will be Appreciated. Thanks Source: AngularJS

Breeze with Angular entityManagerfactory

I am trying to create the entityManagerFactory for Breeze with Angular. I used HotTowel to get started on my project but when I try to get the new factory set I am getting an error from the breeze.debug.js module. It is falling into there because it appears that it expects the type of the property to match the name of the property. I’m not sure that I understand what is going on here. Can anyone […]