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AngularJS – Function binding across 3 components

I’m currently having an issue with angularJS. I’m trying to access a function in a base controller, 2 components down. My code is as follows: app.js app.controller(‘RootController’, function($rootScope) { let ctrl = this; ctrl.onUserSelected = (event) => { //Do something here… } }); index.html <user-list on-user-selection=’root.onUserSelected(event)’></user-list> userList.js angular.module(‘chatApp’).component(‘userList’, { templateUrl: ‘views/userList.html’, controller: UserListController, bindings: { onUserSelection: ‘&’ } }); userList.html <user-detail ng-repeat=’user in $ctrl.list’ on-user-selection=’$ctrl.onUserSelection(event)’></user-detail> userDetail.js function UserDetailController($rootScope, $scope) { let ctrl = this; ctrl.selectUser […]

JQuery Timepicker is not running in angualrjs

I have one application which was built under angular js and MVC. Recently one change I have to make in that, I have to set time picker and get the values of selected time and store it in the database. Binding is also done in a proper way but when I change the value it is not reflecting the ng-model which is bind to that particular text control. How to solve this problem!!! time […]

angularjs directive different binding from array

While angular.forEach it returns only last value from personList. How for each object in personList show info with created directive? I need exactly solution in forEach loop. var app = angular.module(‘MyApp’, []) app.controller(‘MyController’, function ($scope, $compile) { var personList = [ { name: “John”, age: “20” }, { name: “Peter”, age: “25” } ]; angular.forEach(personList, function(p, i) { $scope.person = { name: personList[i].name, age: personList[i].age }; var personInfo = ($compile)(‘<person-info></person-info>’)($scope); var body = document.querySelector(“body”) var […]

resolving form angular router set the input param to `undefined`

I tired to follow this tutorial app.config([‘$stateProvider’, ‘$urlRouterProvider’, ‘$compileProvider’, function ($stateProvider, $urlRouterProvider, $compileProvider) { self = this; $compileProvider.preAssignBindingsEnabled(true); $urlRouterProvider.otherwise(‘/’); $stateProvider.state(‘home’, { url: ‘/’, //template: ‘<home-component></home-component>’, component: ‘homeComponent’, params: { selectedFilter: undefined }, resolve: { isAdOps: function () { return false; } } }) and (function (app) { app.component(‘homeComponent’, { templateUrl: ‘partials/home-partial.html’, bindings: { isAdOps: ‘<‘ }, controller: [‘$scope’, ‘$state’, function ($scope, $state) { var self = this; console.log(“self.isAdOps = ” + self.isAdOps); self.isFullList = false; […]

AngularsJS $document properties

$document has some properties ` If I need to bind $document.onblur=alert(1);, how can I do that? I mean I already bind $document.on(‘keyup’, keyupHandler);. But, as you can see at the picture. onkeyup: null P.S. And there is one more question. I need to make something like that: function keyupHandler(){ angular.element(‘div.keyFriendly[key==’+keyEvent.key +’]’).clicked(); } But angular.element doesn’t work. How can I get it? And how can I bind to all inputs focus and blur from the js […]