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OneDrive-Path: Used on a website to serve JSON files

I am trying to access a file, which is shared on a public OneDrive folder. Folder:!AiU5zEgMWxPk-xJ4a-DcxiahZNUm?e=KdwzAM File: Sound.json Import: this.http.get<SomeObject[]>(‘howToUseThePath/_Sound_.json’, { responseType: ‘json’ }) .subscribe(data => { // … Is that possible, if so, please provide the correct path? Source: Angular Questions

By fass33443423
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Asserts folder mock jsons are not accessible on azure deployed angular webapp

I have an angular application deployed in azure webapp. I have used mock jsons to load data for few apis, which are residing in assets/jsons folder. I am able to access a text file which is residing in same path via url like below https://{myapp} But when I try to access a json file which […]

By sp14
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Azure Redirect from www to non-www in Angular and .Net Core API

I am new to Azure, but I am taking a course. However, I need to know how to set something up now. I have an Angular 12 frontend and a .NET Core 5.0 API hosted on Azure (Linux). I want all www urls (https and non-https) to be redirected to I do not have […]

By Tom
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Cant get Activities on start of conversation directlinejs

I am using Azure Directlinejs to connect to my bot. I am able to establish a connection with my bot. I am unable to recieve activities when the connection is successfull. I am able to get the activities once I subscribe to PostActivity case ConnectionStatus.Online: // successfully connected to the converstaion. Connection is healthy so […]

Using Angular Msal in integrated .NET application

Currently, I am working on an application where the Angular build is integrated with the .NET application. I use Azure AD authentication from the Angular app (Angular msal) to the web server. Locate static web app services.AddSpaStaticFiles(configuration => { configuration.RootPath = "ClientApp/dist"; }); Use spa: app.UseSpa(spa => { // To learn more about options for […]

By Giovanni
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How to upload files from a react application to azure file share under storage account?

I am trying to upload file from my local machine to azure file share under the storage account which I created through a react application. I’m able to follow the steps provided for creating a file and uploading here : But can’t upload file from my local machine. Source: Angular Questions

Azure CI/CD pipeline Angular failing

With a new build I set up I cant seem to get a solid working YAML setup. I am trying to build an Angular project and publish it as an artifact. Here is what I have: – script: | npm install -g @angular/cli npm install npm uninstall @angular-devkit/build-angular npm install @angular-devkit/build-angular ng build –prod – […]

By Bike dotnet
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TypeORM migrations in Azure Static Web Apps API

I’ve written an Azure Static Web App with Angular with an API written with NestJS. I leverage TypeORM for the DB stuff in the API. I’ve set up migrations using TypeORM CLI to run automatically migrationsRun: true, but the migrations never get executed on Azure. Has anyone ever done this? Source: Angular Questions

How do I secure a API without requiring sign-in

I’m just starting to research client certificates. I have a web API built with .NET Core on Azure App Service. Is it possible to secure the API so that only my angular application can access it? Perhaps with client certificates? Source: Angular Questions

By lightbulb 1 110
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Error: The func task detection didn’t contribute a task for the following configuration

Step 13 of this Doc says "Select Debug Express and Angular from the dropdown list and press F5 to start the debugger." Pressed F5 got Error: The func task detection didn’t contribute a task for the following configuration: { "type": "func", "command": "host start", "problemMatcher": "$func-watch", "isBackground": true, "dependsOn": "npm build", "options": { "cwd": "${workspaceFolder}/functions" […]

By Jeb50
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